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Hi Warriors,

Why is it when someone creates a Title for there post that actually contains
the subject/question, very few seem to read the post unless it is related to some
Hot Buzz going around.

Although, when a Title like the one for this thread is used, it seems everyone
is Is the answer Curiosity?

To me unassociated Titles tend to waste my time so I don't open them often.

When I make a post I try to save people from having to open the thread by putting
the question in the Title.

To me it seems like the polite thing to do and it also seems to draw a more
targeted audience to my question so there is less fluff and nonsense to weed through
when I return to read the replies.

How do you feel about thread Titles and their relevance to the thread.

Oh, Sorry about this thread Title.
I was looking for a General Audience.

Have a Great Day!
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    Well with the new warrior forum you can just hover over the title with your mouse and see if it's what you want to read or not.

    Most of the time your suspicions can be eliminated.

    Frank Bruno
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      Hi Frank,

      I noticed that just before I posted the

      Thought I moved the start of the post down enough to prevent that option but I was out foxed by the new forum!

      Have a Great Day!
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