Recomended hosting for a site with rapidshare links

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just had to sign up again because i had forgotten what email i used to sign up on the old warrior forum.

Need some help here guys.

I have just had one of sites/forums suspended on hostgator for having rapidshare links on it.

Can any of you recomend any good hosting companies that allow you to have rapidshare links on your sites.

Cost is not important but i need to fix this asap and get my site back online.

Any recomendations are very much appreciated.

Ben Jones
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    o.o Suspended for having rapidshare links?

    All I can think then is that the downloads are things that people should be paying for then.

    I have three hosting providers, Hostagtor, GoDaddy and and neither of them have banned me for sharing rapidshare links. But then again I have never shared anything that illegal in nature.
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      Hi and thanks for your reply.

      What do you mean by downlaods are things that people should be paying for.
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        Well that is easy. If you are sharing software, ebooks, and scripts which people would normally pay for under usual circumstances then you would be hosting illegal stuff on your site. Therefore if someone wants to close you down, all they have to do is complain to hostgator and point out that you are not the said owner of the stuff and that it is in fact illegal.

        Then your account will be closed. It has happened to quite a few people on hostgator. That is why it's better to play it safe. Personally I pay monthly for if anything stupid happened to my account it won't be a big loss like if I was paying a full six months or a year ahead on like Then it would be a loss. My hostgator account I hardly use though.

        At some point I had stuff on there and rapidshare links because I have a valid account with makes it easier to store things online and makes it easy accessible. So honestly, I can say I never had the problem.
        "Find the problem and provide the solution."
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