I designed 100 offline themes, and now I don't know what to do with them.

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I started designed offline themes awhile back. My original idea was to rent them out, but I quickly realized I am NOT good at sales. So now I have all 100+ of these damn designs sitting on my hard drive what do I do with them?

I have a few ideas but each one included a wso and honestly I am not a war member, I dont make enough to justify any spending not as of yet any how..

So what do I do with my designs?

Anyhelp is appreciated.

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    Wow 100 themes? Well done on producing.

    I would suggest a sig to a sales page you create. Even if you have to use a free blog at the start. If your themes are of good quality, you should be able to make the $37 +40 for a war room membership and wso listing.

    Alternatively you could partner with someone with marketing prowess and a war room membership. There are obviously pitfalls with this strategy.

    Good luck.
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    Try a fiverr gig. You can deliver extremely fast. Atl east it is something. Alternatively, you can run a WSO which would make you a ton of cash, but the WSO needs to be ran correctly.
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    Improper planning. Are they of very high quality. If yes then try themeforest.

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      Hey MomTraders,

      you've had some great suggestions here & although you state you don't have enough cash to justify War Room membership & WSO fee you could JV with a SUCCESSFUL Offline WSO seller & sell offer only SOME of your templates through them (preferrably direct to their list of buyers, NO cost to you!).

      This method has "risks" obviously ..... but should get you enough money to get into War Room & then you're set to fly yourself

      Big issue (time wise for you) with themes could be your "support" of them & the flexibility of the theme .... LOADS of great themes have failed due to lack of support from vendor, therefore making buyers very wary of buying.

      Particularly from an offline perspective as the buyer would be selling this on to a client & the "issues" would then reflect back on the buyer ....... you can imagine the rest ...

      But I would say ......

      .....making anymore templates & contact someone to help you sell them .....

      Hope That Helps
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      Originally Posted by dsouravs View Post

      Improper planning. Are they of very high quality. If yes then try themeforest.
      Just a friendly advice - if his themes are the same quality as the ones in the original post - he has no chances on ThemeForest.

      They really put the criteria bar high.
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    I'd be interested in seeing a couple of them. Are any of them live or you have screeshots?
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    I'm interested to have a look at them as well - send me details via PM please!

    David Cavanagh
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    I added some screen shots of the niche used tires.
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    • You can make money with this, definitely. The WSO route is a good way to go, but find partners first and go from there. You need traffic to the offer.

      Need Premium Content or Expert SEO Work? PM me and we'll do a FREE consultation for you.

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        We have a business that targets local businesses, I'd be interested to know what niches you have covered in your 100+ themes?

        We'd be buyers of something like this as a complete pack, if the price is right of course...

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