Content Marketing Has Gone Visual

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Infographics and slide shows, like this one, have really taken off in the last year. It’s no wonder really, who likes reading a wall of text? Nobody! Another reason I think they’ve become popular recently is because of Pinterest. Pinterest is all about the visual after all!

View the slide show below to find out how to engage your audience with visual content marketing! Also, don’t forget to pay Jeff Bullas a visit, he has 6 awesome social media infographics for you, chulk full of facts, figures and statistics!

Visual Content Marketing: Capture and Engage Your Audience
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    I have not yet seen one of these but I heard about them. I agree with you based on visual appeal being a strong engaging point with your audience.
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      Visual is a massive factor - hence the explosion in video presentations / marketing !

      But ...

      don't forget audio (with or without video) as another preferred method of absorbing information by many potential customers
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    Definitely, that is why video marketing plays a very important role these days.
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      Originally Posted by gauravarora View Post

      There are some free tools like that help you make some good looking infographics.

      Thanks for this info
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