Custom royalty free music/sounds/SFX service?

by Tom Slipkus 1 replies
Hey there fellow Warriors,

I was recently looking over the services provided here in the Warriors for hire section and started wondering - would there be a niche for custom music, sounds or special effects production?

I have been a musician my whole life, with a 15 year old background in classical and jazz music and have access to high-end studio software, so I thought - perhaps I could use my skills to be of service to the Warrior community

So, basically, would you, Warriors, be interested in such a service? If so, what excactly would you need? Do you have any thoughts on how royalty free music could be better used in your videos, websites or somewhere else?

Thanks a lot for any input
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    try .

    many producers offer free or a small lease, to get something pretty rare ... a professional way . A LOT of music to choose from.

    Other than that, google "Royalty free sound effects" , usually those sites have theme music too
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