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To start with I completed my PhD in math two years back and prior did my undergraduate in Computer Science. During studies I started tutoring online and later I also worked as a web developer & seo. Both the opportunities gave me ample money but right now I'm in a dilemma since I need to choose any one of the stream to make it into a proper business.
So I want an opinion about which business should I choose to grow. In a very recent development I'm getting more of Web Development/SEO work than online students and my tutoring website has been neglected for the same reason. It's like two different businesses and none of them I want to miss doing. I hope to get some ideas in this thread that would help me decide, but finally I'll be calling my final shot sometime later in this quarter.
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  • You have a dilemma there mate.

    Here is my dollars worth...

    Have a good look at your self and think 5 years or 10 years down the track, which direction will make to truly happy.

    Don't worry about current trends, or what your mates say you should do, cause this one might make you more money than the other.

    Be truthful to your self.

    If that does not work, sit down with pen and paper and cover the pros and cons of each.
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    In my opinion education is to give you skills, abilities and confidence.
    It doesnt mean you have to have career in what you have degrees with. I had my MSc in information systems management and MBA in Marketing but today I am running online dating sites... though skills, education, capabilities I got from my education help me a lot in what I am doing now.

    I was working for bank... and resigned few months ago for the sake of my IM career... and I am happy with it now.

    Better you think over and see which one you have more interest in and which one you will get more success in the future.
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    Do what's with your passion. If you are in need of money, then do something that can give you a straight income first.
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    Everyone should have 2 part time job, 1 that makes you rich, another that makes you happy.
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    If you are getting more Web development/SEO work and if you like it and are good at it, maybe you should go with that.

    However, did you ever consider hiring people to tutor for you? You can pay someone and get the tutoring business going and even thriving without dedicating too much of your time to it.

    Of course, the other way around is also possible; if you love tutoring, you can concentrate on that and gather a team of outsourcers, etc. to run the Web Development/SEO business?

    With careful planning, I don't see why you'd have to abandon either of those businesses.
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