* What would you do with domains like: Twitting.me, HotDating.me, Selfhelping.me ? ...

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Hello fellow Warriors:

I have a mass collection of domain names collecting (cyber) dust...

I know that many of you are true experts regarding domains (I´m not).

So please, can you let me know what would you do with these domains?

I mean, they need development, they are worth anything?

Here´s some of them:

. Twitting.me

. Hotdating.me

. SelfHelping.me

. SelfImproving.me

. FreeTraffic.me

. TwitterBlackHat.com

. FacebookBlackHat.com

. YouTubeBlackHat.com

. SaveBigOnGas.tv

. SaveOnGasForum.com

. RebrandReports.com

And one of my faves:

. ChiOfLove.com

Any good?

Some tips on development will be appreciated, too

All the best,

#domains #hotdatingme #twittingme
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    Not a single comment?...

    Lol... I will create then a good site for each one and develop them...

    Any domain expert here?
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    Other than perhaps the rebrandreports.com domain, I don't really see any value in any of the others. Maybe park them somewhere and sell them off.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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    Hi Kneb,

    I cannot really call myself a marketer yet, but thought I would comment anyway. Maybe everyone reading this is a newbie, judging by the sparse responses.

    While .me sites no longer carry the severe stigma they once had, I think you are still facing a credibility issue when you use them. So I would probably try to sell them as minimally developed sites, ie just create something and get out.

    ChiOfLove.com has a nice ring to it, but at first glance it looks like it would be a porn site. I think I would turn that one into a site for relationship books or focus on aspects like meditation and self realization.

    Joanna Benz
    Hosting Report Card

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    1. Install Wordpress on all of them.
    2. Buy some good PLR articles and EBooks. Very cheap, you can enough content for all the domains for as little as $15.
    3. Post a few articles per site and gear each to sell an eBook (Paypal Express Checkout)
    4. It should take you one day per domain max to do this.
    5. Advertise them as sites on Warrior forum or other forums and sell them for $25-40 each. Your profit = (Total domain cost - cost of PLR content) approximately $15 - $20 per domain.
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