Sometimes Something That's Working Is Right Under Your Nose...

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I have a blog that I frequently publish content on. I've put tons of work and time into this blog trying to make it useful, high quality, and attractive to users and search engines.

BUT... this blog has not been getting much respect from the search engines (my blog posts are not ranking well at all for keywords), it doesn't get much traffic, and doesn't get much engagement (comments, etc.).

Now, in my "never give up, never give in" mindset, I kept publishing content on this site, tweaking, and making it as SEO friendly as possible (natural backlinks, on page SEO, off page SEO, etc.).

Still no love.

Then, just this morning something told me to take a look at one of my old blogs that I started 4 years ago and see how that was doing in the search engines.

I published a few posts on this site about 2 weeks ago because I was experimenting with setting up a different style blog. Those posts (which are also published on the blog that is having much success) are ranked on the 1st page of Google for very good keywords after just 2 weeks (they are NOT ranking well on the newer site... and these posts have been on the newer site for several months), the posts are getting traffic, and I've made a couple of affiliate sales and have gotten some Adsense clicks.

Go figure! :rolleyes:

I've had this older blog for quite some time and decided to leave it alone because I was focusing on other projects. But, where I tend to make a lot of my mistakes is that I have a tendency of wanting to start fresh with things. Had I published the hundreds of blog posts that I have on the weaker site onto the older one, I probably would be seeing some crazy numbers!

My guess is that because the older blog has age, it's getting more respect?

Oh, well, you live and you learn.

My advice to anyone (especially newbies), is that for one, sometimes something that has great potential is right under you nose, and secondly, stay consistent with whatever it is you are working on. Don't put it on the backburner because something new and shiny is staring you in the face.

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