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Hi WF!

I have randomly come by this forum occasionally, just looking at peoples experiences, goals, attempts, success stories, etc. I feel it's time to immerse myself socially with this great community here, and perhaps see what I can get, and what I can offer over time by being a part of it.

About myself:

I have been goofing around the web for years, and before this year had no true care for income from the internet world until I underwent neck surgery, and am no longer to do the heavier manual labor work that I was ever so more reliant on.

I have programmed a multitude of things, ranging from simple online morpg games to simple & complicated websites. I have made bits of cash here and there, but nothing truly income worthy for long.

I can efficiently program with vb.net, php & mysql, xhtml/css, and flash (as3), with tidbits of experience in many other languages. I am pretty strong with network programming (client-server apps).

I have a pretty big interest in game development, or even a good website idea, but I lack any competence in art whatsoever.

A Starting Point

-Programming (including anything using databases/server-side)
-Working Alone (Never held a team, or worked with one long-term)

-Marketing on my own.

With my absolutely terrible mix of strengths and weaknesses, I really have no idea where to start, and recent attempts leave me only disappointed, and losing faith in myself to accomplish anything when at this point in time, I need it the most.

If anyone has ever started in a similar position, and has any guidance to offer, I would highly appreciate reading your thoughts.

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    • Do some research and find out what people need. Then run an ad on the WF and you'll get work. Do a great job and keep running the ad, in a few months you could have a steady work flow. Also, search this forum and help people for FREE...then start charging. It works very well.

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    I highly recommend becoming an expert on Wordpress, there is just so much you can build with that platform and it basically guarantees your income for life if you can combine it with some basic design skills.

    Definitely look into local marketing, there's a ton of stuff you can sell local businesses if you have the right strategies in place!
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    To some, working alone can fall under a strength as well as a weakness.

    I was never one for working well with other people, but when you find the right team and like minded people to yourself it can be great to bounce ideas, get some clarification, better an idea etc. The right team is hard to come by but when you do it can be priceless.
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    Work to your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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      Wow! Thanks everyone for the responses...I thought the thread was going to die out :rolleyes:.

      I'll certainly take the advice given seriously and see where things lead.

      I appreciate the time given.
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