Best Wordpress comments plugin to drive traffic? [Your Opinion]

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Hi Warriors,

Dofollow or No Dofllow?

Many marketers debate about which plugin is the best for wordpress comments. I say, it really depends on what your objective is:

To get more backlinks or to drive more traffic.

I just relaunched my blog and my main objective has been to drive as much traffic to it as possible (starting from ground zero), without seo. It's actually been working out quite well.

I just did a in depth traffic case study on my blog and I shared all of my traffic stats from last week.

Here's what I've gotten so far:
  • 1,325 New Unique Visitors
  • 159 Facebook Likes
  • 41 Facebook Shares
  • 12 Google+’s
  • 89 BizSugar Votes
  • 24 New subscribers
  • 3 New Relationships with Influencers
  • 9 Natural Blog Backlinks

This is only from 6 posts on my blog so far. I think that's not half bad for my first couple of weeks

A big part of my traffic strategy has been social media. I discovered an awesome wordpress comment plugin called Cackle.

Cackle allows your visitors to leave comments on your blog posts using several different social sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ just to name a few.

But the really cool thing I love about Cackle is the built in viral factor. Whenever you leave a comment, it’ll actually cross post it to your FB wall or Twitter status.

This plugin has been amazing for increasing my FB exposure, interaction, engagement on my blog/FB page, and it provides some awesome social proof.

See what I mean:

I’m pretty fond of this plugin. Even though it isn’t dofollow, it’ll definitely increase your FB Edgerank, social interaction, and bring in more traffic.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you prefer dofollow or no dofollow wp comment plugins? If so, why?
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