I feel quite empowered...

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I've been doing a lot of virtual spring cleaning over the last few days, and one of the areas I've been looking at is the amount of emails/newsletters I receive.

I'm quite surprised at the amount I don't bother reading any more, so I've been really ruthless and unsubbed from a lot.

Surprising how few I'm getting now

It's a good exercise to do, it will certainly clear your inbox up and leave room for the stuff you really want to get. (Try it)

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    Kind of like an IM version of Feng Shui

    I know what you mean Kim, clean out the trash and you can breathe easy.

    Helps you focus too.
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    I decided to go for a mobile broadband connection and it has limited bandwidth so I also did an email spring clean.

    Quite liberating...

    I'm also working on a script to control the amount of spam - it only lets through emails from my personal contact list, subscribers and customers.

    Sig not working today - too hung over...

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    I do this quite regularly, otherwise you spend half your time deleting the emails you don't want anyway.

    I tend to try and keep to a few newsletters that I know and trust, and then 'try out' others during the year.

    "If you don't quit, you can't fail"
    Success will follow.

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      Hi Kim,

      I'm glad you made this post. It reminds me that I need to do the same virtual Spring cleaning as well.

      While I'm at it I'd better take care of home and office spring cleaning too.

      All The Best,

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    Yeah that's right.. cleaning out the clutters, so everyday would become a brand new start.
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    I just sorta do the "under the carpet" thing. I am subscribed to more than I care to fathom. But I send them all to a specific email account that I only open roughly once per month.

    I think I have over 12,000 unread emails in there LOL!

    I guess I should go clean them out and start unsubbing too.

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    O.K......now tell me what it means when your desktop has NO MORE ROOM on it......I am a pack rat and it obviously has followed me into my cyber life, LOL.

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    I did this a couple of years ago, and while it *is* liberating, you have to be careful on one front.

    I wiped out so many newsletters, that I started to lose touch with what was going on in the IM community.

    I knew I'd gone to far when someone mentioned Mass Control to me, and my first response was, "I've never heard of that. What is it?"

    Definitely pear down, but don't eliminate it all entirely. Much as most of us hate the bombardment, we also have the burden of needing to stay in touch with things in this industry as they evolve.
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