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I'm sure I'm not alone when I say there are days that I can't design a thing. It's a lot like writer's block. I find myself surfing and picking up ideas from different places. Saw this great article and thought I'd share. Maybe it will help with some design ideas.

35 Beautiful Landing Page Design Examples With Critiques
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    Nice share. That was really good to see!
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    Most of those suck and are the result of a graphic designer trying to be a graphic designer instead of a marketer. It's a real problem in the web design industry.

    They look nice though.
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      Originally Posted by DubDubDubDot View Post

      Most of those suck

      They look nice though.
      Conflicted much? So you've tested them all?
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    some of them have too much going on for the eyes. they might convert, don't know until you test!
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    Nice share 300SMG

    Like Steve said you won't know what will work until you test but I like that this isn't just a list of "absolutely amazing" landing page designs.

    The critiques below are really helpful. Bound to be tips in there that anyone from a newbie to a seasoned veteran will learn something from.

    Thanks for that

    I don't send traffic traffic to opt in pages anymore. I Do This instead...

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    nice share Ty
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    A Very helpful link for those of us who are extremely deficient in the creative department, personally I couldn't design a rectangle

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    Nice share. Too bad i'm too lazy to ever use these templates... not necessary with the way i run my business.

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