11 Ways to Make Money Without Any Startup Capital

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1. Have a positive mindset

2. Go to microwokers.com and complete some jobs and earn an extra $10 in a few hours

3. Repeat for a few days (you can also offer other services like writing articles)

4. After you have $100 or so, start buying websites from digitalpoint and selling them on flippa for a profit

5. After $1000+ or so from site flipping and write a report about your experience in making money online

6. Sell as WSO, maybe clickbank -> build a buyers list

7. Increase your list by doing adswaps, solo ads and other techniques (offer your wso for fee on thank you pages maybe)

8. Monetize your list

9. Buy or build websites which make passive income from sales or adsense until you reach your desired monthly income

10. Hire other people to maintain your sites

11. Drink cocktail on beech (don't forget to wear sunscreen)
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      I'm assuming that writing articles is not something that you do yourself.
      microwokers.com too...lol...it should be microworkers.com

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      Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

      What if there aren't any beech trees around? Can you sit in an elm or dogwood tree instead?

      -- j
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    Nice Post.Really.Can you elaborate the Method of buying websites from DP and selling them on Flippa.
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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    And the biggest piece of advice is "Do not follow people blindly." There are too many "So called Gurus" here who keep publishing the Dos and Don'ts without having much experience. Good Luck!!
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    LOL... poor guy (or girl).. he just wanted to help, and you make fun of his list.

    However, I wonder how do you make money by only having a positive mindset?
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