The Hundred Dollar Investment: An Experiment

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The Idea

"You need to make your moneywork for you."

I'm sure we've all heard this before. The best way to make good money is to have your money work for you. You need to invest it in something which actually produces some sort of revenue. Wasting the money or leaving it to sit in some savings account isn't doing you any good.

I make a good amount of money but I still feel more like I'm "self employed" rather than running a real business. I want to invest in something which will eventually make me more money.

The Experiment

I want to start this experiment with a good amount of money. I want it to be enough that I could, theoretically, do something with it but not so much that it will hurt if I lose it. I've decided to use $100

I want to invest it in something which will make $150-$200 within a few months at most. The money could go towards anything really. I could pay to have someone create some sort of product. I could start some sort of website. I could even buy a tool which will help me make more money with my other projects.

How you can help

What I'm interested in is hearing from my fellow Warriors. I've gotten tons of great advice in the past and I feel you guys know how to make money without fooling around.

My question is this: If someone were to give you $100 and tell you that you had to invest it in such a way as to make $150-$200 (or more, like continual residual income), what would you do with it?

Be as creative as you'd like, I'm open to anything. Investing in stocks seems like the obvious answer but it's not what I'm looking for. What I want to know is how would you invest $100? Would you buy a website? Have someone write a book? Hire a programmer or designer?

I'm sure there are some Warriors out there with a great idea.

I'm going to use the best suggestions and actually invest the money. I can post updates in this thread if anyone is interested. If all goes well, I"ll either do it again or will increase the size of the investment.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with.
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    I think it depends on how much time your are willing to invest with that $100.

    If you were willing to spend a lot of time developing a business then I would certainly invest in a low capital business like developing a website, using the money to pay for hosting, domain, etc.

    But as you have said you feel you are self-employed as opposed to running a real business, I get the sense you are looking for a more hands-off replicable model that can earn residual profits. In my personal opinion, the best way to do that in the space of IM is to invest in domains on the aftermarket, reselling on the retail market. Building the initial $100 to $500/1000 would require a decent amount of effort/luck if it was to happen with 2 months, but after you have around that amount in cash you can purchase a large portfolio of domains and wait for users to come to you.
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    I agree. It depends on how much work your willing to do and what your capabilities are as far as marketing, SEO, producing content, programming, etc.

    Personally, if I had $100. I would purchase products at yard sales or off of Craigslist and 'flip' them for more money online or offline. I'd raise my capital until I could purchase a website that was already producing income, but I could expand and increase revenue.
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