The Best Kindle Marketing Strategies

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I've been selling my eBooks on Kindle for a while now and am currently making around $70 a month selling my books.

Mostly I've just SEO optimized the titles, keywords and have a well written author bio and book descriptions.

Curious, what do you recommend as the best ways to market your new Kindle eBook?

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    There are many different ways to market your books but first and foremost, creating/building a brand for yourself as an author while talking to the people in your target market on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do.

    I'll give you a great example...Amanda Hocking.

    If you look at her blog, you'll see that she blogged every 2-3 days for the past 3 years, well before she became rich on Amazon. She built up a group of fans, built her brand, and talked to those fans often.
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    Originally Posted by Broderick Boyd View Post

    I've been selling my eBooks on Kindle for a while now and am currently making around $70 a month selling my books.

    Mostly I've just SEO optimized the titles, keywords and have a well written author bio and book descriptions.

    Curious, what do you recommend as the best ways to market your new Kindle eBook?


    Interesting. I'm considering throwing my hat in the Kindle ring. Any tips for a Kindle newb?
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    Upload to Smashwords, Tradebit, E-junkie... write articles that link to a product review page for your kindle book. Building up an email list can be a good idea also.
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      Hey Broderick,
      Congrats on your books! And congrats on realizing that your job as a self published author does not stop with the writing of your books. Promotion is about 90% of your success in my opinion

      I write books in series to get the most bang for that small price that Kindle books go for. When I first started publishing books on Kindle, I was concerned I was wasting my time because they sell for such low prices. But I was wrong.

      Writing in a series and interlinking my books gives your books so much more exposure. Amazon already provides you with a massive amount of traffic, and series selling gives you the most leverage for that traffic.

      Bundle selling your series for a higher price also really helps.

      The first steps I take are always using what Amazon already provides authors, such as Author Central, creating Listmanias, writing So You 'd Like To Guides, spicing up my descriptions by adding images and Amazon's orange font, running free promos to gain new audiences, choosing categories that are easy to break into the top 100, and placing opt in links inside my books to build lists of buyers.

      Off Amazon promotion includes building a simple blog around your author ( yourself or your pen name), or your series, gaining Twitter followers interested in your genre, and using Facebook to gather "friends" in your genre. Social media, while it may seem tedious at first, really helps your books go viral.

      Hope that helps.
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    There are a lot of expensive courses out there. Some worth the money and others not so much. Before investing in any of them check out John Locke's How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months! Once you absorb that check out Geoff Shaw's Kindling. Very good.
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    In no particular order:
    1) press releases
    2) building a list FIRST then launching your book (the benefit is you will boost your rankings)
    3) paid media
    4) creating an incentive to have people share your product page (ex. offer them a free report or gift by social sharing)
    5) joining a community of other indie publishers. They can help you in numerous ways (we do that together)
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    E-junkie should help you..
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    You need to first create a trustworthy presence online i mean as an author. You should do article marketing, i mean articles with links to your ebook, press releases and then upload to e-junkie.
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    Do you do any marketing at all?

    Can you post a link to your books?
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    Search for other books in the same genre and find ways to top them. Make sure your price is competitive and fair. If your word count is low then the price should follow. Kindle isn't the same as clickbank, people will not pay a lot of money when it is so easy to find a cheaper alternative.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking you will charge a lot for a book and make more money, in truth you will make much less.

    You will go higher up the rankings with every sale you make. This way you get more views, more sales and in turn each book will promote another.

    Look at the top 100 books in your genre, you should be looking to top them in every conceivable way.
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    Pricing is key here, I found that 0.99$ ebooks don't sell as well as 2.99$ ones, perhaps because people don't perceive them as "valuable". Also, it's a numbers game, try different pricing plans and see what works best in your niche. Also, try and see the price of your competitors ebooks, and go 1 or 2 dollars below that.
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      Here are a few things that I've done to promote both fiction and nonfiction books, beginning with the actual publishing process:

      Optimize your book listing
      Just as you would optimize your website, you want to optimize your book's listing page. You get 7 keywords - use this space carefully. Do not include your author name: you are already optimized for that. Instead, focus on the most descriptive keywords possible. If you aren't sure what to use spend some time on Amazon manually entering in potential keywords. As you type, if it appears in the search bar, it's being used by buyers.

      Optimize Your Account
      Use Author Central to its fullest potential by including a list of your top books, a link to your website or blog and to your social media accounts. Provide a good description so that readers feel connected to you. Don't be afraid to be yourself (whether that's funny, crazy, or controversial. Just do it.)

      Don't Overlook Front (And Back) Matter
      Your book template should always be the same so create it once and just update it as needed (make sure to change it up if you use different pen names). Add in 4-6 links to other books that you've written, a link to your blog or website on the second page of your template so that it appears in the sample provided by Amazon. It's a great way to drive traffic to your website and it's free advertising...and yes, you can use affiliate links as well.

      Become Active In Your Genre
      Join and other forums that focus on self publishing and go a step further and find forums & groups in your specific genre. Network - join blog hops, book bombs (great way to get on 'also bought' lists!) - and reach out to readers as much as you can. Join, etc

      Just a few quick things off the top of my head but it's a good place to start. Quite honestly, if you put some effort into building your brand right from the get-go, you'll need to do far less later on.
      Catherine | Tweet me @ epublishingtips
      Indie Author, Mompreneur, Coffee Addict
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        I recently finished reading "How I made 42,000 in one month Selling my Kindle eBooks" by Cheryl Kaye Tardif It has list and procedures based on Her experience. Very good resource for Kindle Authors.
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    The single most important factor is the book cover. Also important is the reviews. Funny as people often will down load your 99 cent e-book and never even open it - crazy.
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      $2.99 books get you 70% commission (below that only 30%) so I say at that.

      Upload to Smashwords, Tradebit, E-junkie
      Can you be more specific please. Can people submit their ebook for free here do you mean?
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        I'm just starting with Kindle and have come across a site called auhtorrmarketingclub. You can submit your eBook for free there. The site also connects you to other places where you can submit your eBook for free.
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