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Hi Everyone,

I have a list of around 1300 emails of women who are looking for dating advice which I acquired through my various websites.

Can anyone advice the best way to monetize this list?

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    Help them!

    "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."

    -- Zig Ziglar
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    Promoting affiliate program or CPA offers can work great
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    Do a survey to find out what they want, what are the questions they have, what are the most common problems they are all having, where are they getting stuck or making mistakes.

    Then take the answers from that survey and create an ebook, or 4part, or 5 part email course, or video course to help them solve those problems.

    Tell them something like, "In order for me to best serve you and help you solve your problems and challenges, it would help me if you can fill out this survey."

    a survey is great because then you are really targeting in on what YOUR list wants.

    You have a school of hungry fish, now just find out what bait they want, and then feed it to them.

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    I understand how to market to them, but I am looking more for specific affiliate programs to market to them. One person has reached out to me already, would love to see some more options.

    The survey idea is great, I will likely do something like this once I establish the buying potential of this list.
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    Josh nailed it.

    Don't think in term of "how can I monetize this list?"

    Shift your focus to, "what is the best way for me to help these people get *exactly* what they want?"

    When you begin to think in those terms, you will naturally gravitate toward methods that truly help the people on your list.

    Write to them. Give them hints, tips, tricks and strategies. Give them something useful for FREE that is honestly, genuinely helpful. Then guide them to a place where they can learn even more great information like that which you've been sharing with them over the course of time.

    When you do this, many will respond. Start a dialog with them. Believe me, they will tell you *exactly* what they want, either directly or indirectly. Once they do, find a product that matches their goals. There are so many out there in that market, that it's mind-boggling.

    Don't think of them as "your list". Think of them more as "your people". They've asked for help, and they've put you in charge of helping them.

    So do it! And you will find that, when you do eventually offer up something at a price, your conversions will skyrocket because they have come to know and trust you over time.

    A "list" is a living, breathing thing. Nurture it, and it will eventually produce for you in ways you never dreamed possible.
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      [quote=Mike Long;645275]
      Don't think of them as "your list". Think of them more as "your people". They've asked for help, and they've put you in charge of helping them.

      I really like this mindset. It takes the focus off of how can I get their money, to how can I help them with their problems, challenges, questions, etc.

      I am going to put this on a card beside my computer.


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