Is this mistake creating spam in your inbox?

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Do you have email links on your web site?
I learned a while ago that simple email links are great for engaging buyers - but terrible for generating spam.

Spambots spider the web, looking for email addresses they can add to their database so they can spam them. Then they also frequently sell these email addresses to other spammers.

I was using a javascript encrypter to prevent this, but recently learned that more and more people are turning off javascript in their browsers, so they won't see this type of link.

I hired a developer to create an email scrambler that doesn't use javascript and that robots can't easily decode.

How to reduce spam

This page has a 5 minute video and the free email scrambler.
It's all free and no opt in is required. It's just a quick thing I put together to help reduce spam, and since I was using it I figured I'd share it.

I took for granted that everyone knew about this problem with spambots, but I found out a few of my "guru" friends didn't know about this solution and they were also making this mistake.

Jeff Mulligan
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    I have started coding my email address on my newest sites as:

    and it seems to have taken care of controlling the spam spiders.

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    In response to an email question I received,

    Yes - you can easily format the appearance of the text link on your page.

    Here's an example:

    46;co&#x6d;"><font size="4">Email Webmaster</font></a></p>

    I simply added the font tag to increase the size of the text displayed. You can use any other font tag as well - that part is not encrypted.

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    It's been a long time since this was originally posted, and it seems that many marketers still don't understand this problem and simple solution.

    Encrypting email links is a vital step to reducing the flood of spam in your inbox.
    This free site does NOT require an opt-in and will encrypt email links in seconds.

    Jeff Mulligan
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    Thanks. Awesome sollution and I love the price. Also that is a great instructional video.
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      Another common way to get around this problem is to write out your email as “username [at] domain [dot] com”. Spambots don’t find this very well.
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        Devid, You can do that, but it doesn't look as professional and it is more work for the visitor.
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