How to approach Facebook pages today? Getting in newsfeeds...

by Hunk
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Hello, I'm building up a fan page with Facebook ads and it's been really easy and cheap (50 likes costs around $3 - over the last two days, I assume more likes will come naturally as the page expands). But I'm wondering how easy it is to communicate with your fans via pages these days... Is it just a matter of ensuring you get a lot of likes and shares and comments on your status updates, or is it more difficult nowadays?

What are your experiences with Facebook pages and your posts actually appearing on the newsfeed of your likers? My page is something I'd like to do long term, but I don't want to have to keep paying to promote posts to my own fans... Please share any tips you have, thank you.
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    How did you manage to get so many fans for $3? If you don't mind me asking
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    It's not all about what you write. It's all about your approach. When i post, only i know that what is my intention. My intention is just to grab of attention of my fans and friends. Just follow this approach. Do whatever you do with ultimate honestly.
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    Interacting and engaging is key to a successful Facebook page. Appeal to your audience in more ways than one. Don't always sell them your product. Engage them with pictures, etc. Like their posts, comment on their posts, etc. Be social! That's the trick!
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    Use a lead capture system on your page.

    Don't rely on your fans to return or ever see your updates.

    It's like meeting someone at a bar and buying them a drink expecting them to come back tomorrow and look for you...

    You've got to get THE NUMBER...

    See a simple system I use at
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    Thanks for the comments - I have been posting images each day and always getting heaps of likes and shares, so I think it is easy to get in the newsfeeds of fans. But when I get a few thousand fans I'll make an external page tab and start collecting opt ins, to be safe.
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    How did you manage to get so many fans for $3? If you don't mind me asking
    I have no idea, to be honest. I was really surprised by how cheap it is, that's why I made this thread - I assumed fan pages must be worthless if building them is so easy... I guess I'll see how it goes. Here's what my ad looked like yesterday the CPC has gone down to 0.03 now. 620 US fans so far and $23.49 spent... CTR is going down though, it peaked at 2% which might be why CPC has been so low, I'll see what happens in the next two days.
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