Could Someone Here Check My Site Out???

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Don't worry! I'm not trying to spam anyone by getting links back to my site. I really would like some advise. It's a book review site, it's very young (June 2012), and I'm doing what I like to do after years of chasing this guru and that internet marketing course, and Google's keyword Tool. Frankly, I don't think the world is ready for another book review site. But this is all I'm really interested in at this point. But, on the flip side, I sure would like to make some money, as well.

Anyway, what do you think? I'm open to any and all criticism as long as it's constructive, with only a few bad jokes. Here is the address: Again, I'm not spamming. Thank you, in advance.
Reg (Learfan) :confused:
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    I don't think anybody is going into your site.
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    I took at look at your site and I personally like it. Like the layout and everything else. I hope that all the books there that you are recommending have the right links so that when someone buys it, you get the commissions for it.

    Wish you all the best and lots of success.
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    Lots of good content!

    I would look at changing up the default wordpress theme
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      To Talfighet and Bradx: Thank you very much for the input. I really appreciate it
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    It looks good but I really don't care for the Header Image..
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    Looks like you have a lot of good content. I would change the theme and come up with a header or logo that reflects the site. This may keep someone on the site longer and give you a better opportunity to make a sale.

    Launching a product?

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    I really like the layout, but I think that you should have your tagline- "This site is dedicated to the review of murder books, action and top thrillers, espionage, suspense, and mystery."- put in a more central place where it is seen easier. It might be hard for someone on the web to figure out what your website is about, so if you put the tagline maybe above the blog posts in a really neat, colorful, and eye-catching box, then it might help people figure out what your website is about.

    I hope this helps!


    Co-founder of Two Birders and Binoculars

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    Thanks to everyone for your constructive advise. You're the best.
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      Reg, I took a look at your site, too. So much for the first response you got, eh?

      There are a few aesthetic concerns. Others have mentioned it, but using the default header image is going to cost you visitors. I like the Twenty Eleven theme a lot, but I also like to tweak the settings so it doesn't look like the "out of the box" version.

      Your tag line and menu bar look like they were probably designed with SEO in mind. In your shoes, I'd put all the author names in a sub-menu. If I don't happen to follow those authors, I might conclude that they're the only ones you cover, and seek someone else.

      Another thing that struck me as a bit off is the first post. Unless I've been following your blog, I have no idea you may or may not have fallen off the edge of the world. Further posts will push that down, so it won't really be much of a problem.

      I like the personal nature of the About page. One thing I might mention, though. Since you are reviewing fiction, it's pretty much impossible to have an unbiased review. Every review you do will be colored by your own personal preferences and experience. This is not a bad thing! If I'm looking for new books and authors, I want a reviewer who thinks like I do, who likes the same kind of things, etc.

      You have a great start, and it's obvious you enjoy what you're doing...
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    Thanks, John (and the others)

    Actually I was using another theme, but last week I found out that it wasn’t coming up on Internet Explorer. So, I switched to this one. No problems with Firefox, which I use exclusively.

    Yes, I enjoy what I’m doing. But I’m afraid that what I’m doing will not attract much traffic, which translates into cash flow. To be frank, what I’ve learned from Google keyword tool tells me that I’m probably just working on a “hobby” site, and not a serious “business” site.

    But what can I do? I’ve spent years chasing after one “money opportunity” scam after the other. And like many others here, I have nothing to show for it except empty pockets.

    Well, anyway, thanks for all the help.
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    Good contect,I would say change the WP theme,even for a free 1
    Personal Blog
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    I like the site. How are you planning on monetizing it? I would suggest a different Wordpress theme though.
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    It's a good idea what you're doing But

    1. You need to change the theme ( there are million free themes out there) I like to use

    2. Fix up that widget bar on the right of your page, there is way too much junk there that is a real eyesore

    3. Design or get a header image for your site that has a unique cool logo pic and a way to incorporate your tag line on it ($5 over at fiverr)

    4. Get social---put up your FB fan page twitter link etc...

    5. Basically try to make it look warm and fuzzy so people don't immediately back out of your site

    Hope this helps

    ~ Griffin
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