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Hey all,

So I've come across a "hard time" if you will. Without going into details, something happened and now I need fast cash. I have my own Web Dev business (and a couple others) so I was considering offering quick and easy websites and some content writing, or perhaps a little SEO for cheap to grab my fast cash.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking, "If you have your own businesses why are you on hard times and why would you need fast cash?" Well, again without going into detail, something happened and I need it. My businesses are great but they are more of a slow and steady income, not a cash on demand ATM.

Only thing I'm having a hard time figuring out is WHERE do I advertise such things? This would be for a limited time just to pay what I need to so I'm not sure running a full time ad would be the best choice.

Anyway, suggestions would be suuuuper helpful

Thanks all!
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    How about bidding for jobs on sites like odesk and elance.com. That way you take control instead of waiting for someone to answer your add. Hope this helps.
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    You got your own webdevelopment business? That's the fastest way to get cash right now. Offer your talent on freelance.com, elance.com, ifreelance.com or odesk.com. Be cheaper and give better support, in this way contractors will pick you.
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    You can post a thread in the "Warrior for Hire" section & the "Classified Ads" section here on there Warrior Forum for starters. Alot of people create a full-time living of those sections. This forum gets alot of traffic daily and its very targeted to the niches you named above..give it try!! As long as you offer good work..you'll be busy!
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