Is Warrior Forum The Right Place For Me?

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I have a blog. I'm not necessarily aggressively pushing a product or service (Should I be?). I'd much rather people just come and see what I have to say and maybe comment on it. I just have a message that I believe will make a positive difference in the world if it were heard. If people happen to see my affiliate links, click on them, and end up buying something through the process - that's all well and good, but it's not the number one reason I decided to put up the site. Can Warrior Forum advise me as how to "sell" people on just visiting an interesting site? Thanks!
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    You could probably drum up interest in your site by participating in social networking, groups, forums, online communities within your niche.
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    I believe that if what you have to offer adds value to someone and not just spam them or become too pushy, I see nothing wrong with it. How you achieve this is by explaining to them "how" it would help them. Give them the benefits. Tell them how it may have helped you. Provided some sort of social proof and try to build trust.
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    I believe most people here browse through threads they find interesting and glean info that is relevant to them

    I am looking for web traffic gurus

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    Yes there are some warrior members who could help you, or, give you advise on how to sell people on reading your blog without selling it. As long as you ask the right questions and take massive action on your own. In other words, use this forum from a position of strength rather than relying on people here to have all the answers. I am not saying you are like that, but, just making you aware of how you can make the most out of your experience here.

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    why not there are many members who can help you out.
    have you ever tried social media? use it and post your opinion then we can comment more effectively.

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    This is one of the most genuine and sincere threads I've seen here in a while.

    Good on you for having such a wonderful mindset.

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    it seems to me that you are having the blog for your passion rather than focusing on making $$$. I believe that if you are doing for a passion, the money coming in is a bonus...

    my 2 cents~
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    Gotta do alot of marketing. Gather a list of traffic sources and implement them on a weekly basis. If a niche exists within your market, then you should have no problem getting people to visit your blog.
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    For you the best thing to do would be to continue making heart felt blog posts and get more traffic. The warrior forum can be very beneficial for traffic generation techniques that you can learn from highly experienced marketers. So yes the warrior forum will definitely be good for you.
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    Originally Posted by gynbeck View Post

    Can Warrior Forum advise me as how to "sell" people on just visiting an interesting site? Thanks!
    I have two suggestion for you:

    1. Start posting in the 'Mind Warriors' section

    2. Get a better sig.

    If you do those two things well, you will certainly get visitors and indeed, you will get the kind people you want i.e. people interested in heart matters.

    Good luck,

    Whether you are a Reader, an Author or a Website Owner, we have something for you!

    Books that Inspire
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      Will, Thanks... but if you would:

      1) How does one get to "Mind Warriors?" Is it part of the Warrior Forum website?

      2) It would not hurt my feelings if you told me what you think is wrong with my sig. Indeed, it would be valuable insight since I truly haven't a clue as to why it wouldn't make sense to someone.

      Thanks for your advice.
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    Yes, I truly believe that the Warrior Forum is a great place for newbies as well as seasoned marketers as well. And the War Room is an absolute gem.
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    You may find very useful information on this site.
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  • It doesn't sound you need much help gynbeck. What you are doing is great. Keep on posting from your heart and provide people with value. As long as you are passionate about what you are saying and it's genuine and adds value then I believe nothing can beat that.

    Once you add a sales twist it takes away the authenticity of what you are saying. People read your blog because they enjoy reading what you have to say. Once they feel you are selling them something they might lose respect for you.

    If you are wishing to monetize this blog (and I'm guessing you are, that's probably why you started this thread to see how you can sell more form it) then I would put up affiliate links which are directly relevant to the demographic of your blog.

    You can get that data from Google Analytics, Quantcast or Alexa. Find out what the demographics of your blog is and then place an offer which fits in with that demographic.

    But don't shove it in their face, make it naturally blend in with your site.

    Keep on providing your blog readers with quality content. Build up your credibility with them and naturally they will start clicking on these links because it will have relevance to them.
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    if you just wish to change the world and not make profits then find solid forums in your niche and post solid content out there and then link your sig to your site for more valuable content. Simple. If you give helpful posts people will notice you and will visit your site. Do this on your blog daily and you will see traffic flowing daily. Don't forget social networking sites where you can do the same. Also focus on youtube as videos will have great impact on your message if you have solid content...

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    If you want people to hear your message, then you need to be diligent about driving traffic to the site, other wise you will not have much traffic and the message will not be heard. There is nothing wrong in promoting a message, look at all the promotion that is done for breast cancer or for heart disease. Why go to the effort of doing it, and not get the maximum effect. As long as you are not causing harm or spreading hate, promote it to the corners of the earth.
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    IF you are a marketer, this is the place to be irrespective of its online marketing, offline, consulting..
    Warrior forum is a marketing university offering free business education..
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    I don't think this a good place to imply that your selling some thing. It is a good forum to exchange ideas and and along the way you might just learn a thing or two, Warriors are very helpful.
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