Who Works from Home and Who Works from an Office?

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Just wandered who works from where?

Obviously, with some budgets it means you're limited to work from home. But are there people with fully furnished, air-conditioned offices?

Are there people who LOVE to work from home?

Or perhaps a garden office?

Just wandered. I personally work from home, just because then I'm always home. I do have a dedicated room though just to keep work locked away in a room

So you?
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    Hello M...

    It's the internet silly...we work from anywhere.

    Seriously, I mostly work from home...but I travel a lot...

    I don't think I would ever want to ramp it up to an office setting...it would defeat the purpose of JOB FREE. I like the freedom.
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    I work from home. I don't need an "office" when I am one man with a computer.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Website / Blog for more info.

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    Home & Starbucks
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      Originally Posted by Jedi Jarrod View Post

      Home & Starbucks
      LOL! That is CLASSIC!

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        Been working from home for 15 years and love it!

        I do have a room that I call an office and it looks a bit like an office or a store room or a junk room, but it's home to me for many hours per day.

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    I've been working from my cozy little home office for over 13 years and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world (though with five kids (all teens but one), it certainly makes for a very interesting workplace sometimes! LOL)
    Catherine | Tweet me @ epublishingtips
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    I have kind of the best of both worlds, I stay at home with my family at the weekend out in the village, and then Monday to Friday I have an office/apartment in the city, and I tend to stay there for 4-5 nights a week. Less distractions!
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    I work from home... in my dirty little room full of beer and women... (lol)...
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    I have a "home office" and an office I guess...

    It really helps in "anchoring" your productivity state in a
    certain place. When I want to get work done, I move over to
    a work desk, and my state peaks up for work.

    There's just something about warm, comfy homes that make
    you stop doing whatever you're supposed to do...

    Besides, you'll need an office if you hire employees!

    Winston Tian

    The Beginner's Doctor

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    I work from home. I love having the rights to wake up when I want, work my own hours and have the freedom to spend more time with my family.
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    I work from both....and both for Govt. and myself. So I firmly have a foot in both camps.

    I think we will see more and more people make the transition though from functional workplace models to home based businesses and working from home.

    In my workplace we've been using ipads for several months now and slowly but surely the benefits are beginning to be seen in regards to potential and capacity to do some work outside of the structured workplace.

    So I work from an office and that office enables me now to be connected via technology....and to use that technology in ways that really compliment what it is that I do.

    Exciting times indeed!

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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  • I work from home. Some people report focus problems while working from home, but it's not my case.
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    I work from home, starbucks and at the bench near my house.

    Would love to have an office though, so that i'm able to record all my videos there rather then keep having to book studios. Not looking for big office though, just a small one enough for me to store my paper works and record videos.
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    i work in my backyard office :-) and i love it. got my giant whiteboard, filming equipment, computers, ect... its great when you need to get some serious stuff done. but sometimes i work inside on the laptop when the wife wants company.
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    It doesn't matter where you work from whether from home or the office. As long as there is internet connection you can work from anywhere, i work from home though.
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      There's no place like home! I can look outside in the winter and know I neither have to drive somewhere to get to an office nor get dressed up in business attire. There's no need to fight traffic and waste time on the way home.

      In the warmer months it's easy to stroll on outside and enjoy some sunshine or talk to neighbors.

      When you have the hungries or want your coffee made a special way, just head over to the kitchen. Dinner can be put together to cook while working and ready when you want it.

      Working outside at a brick and mortar, well, did that for too many years for someone else, and just have no desire to have my name on a door where I need to go every day regardless of the weather.

      Right now, I have no employees, and even if that were necessary, you find the right intelligent and responsive people and they work for you over the internet and there's no need for them to go into an office.
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    I work from home.. any home ...mine my friends ...

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  • Profile picture of the author Dan Grossman
    Home office.

    Gotta love writing off a portion of mortgage, utilities and other housing bills as a business expense.

    Practically the only reason I bought a house.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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    I work from home, but I would really like to rent an office sometimes in the future. I just think I would be a lot more productive.
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    I am working in my office , just besides my bed room .
    I can work from my bed room but it has no official flavor,
    I think it is non professional attitude .
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    I always seem to be more productive if I get out of the house. I'm a regular at over a dozen coffee shops.
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    yeah I too work from home with my 1 year old baby around me always playing. Yeah, I have a maid who takes care of her but it is fun to see her around and showing her 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Start' in my break times - LOL...

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  • Profile picture of the author Patrick Batty
    First off..
    Too be brutally honest.. I try not to work!

    But when I do, I work from a dedicated home office.. really nice setup, including recording studio stuff etc.

    But some of my most profitable days, have been when I was offline and at the beach.

    That's my kind of internet marketing. Go out, have fun, make money. How cool is that?
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  • Profile picture of the author funkynassau
    I work from home, I have my office in my music room! There's no need to rent office space, all of our product is located in our house so I assemble the product and package it for shipping in my kitchen.

    ChipFixx custom mixed auto touchup paint kits.

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      Well yes, I work from home. I enjoy being at home although I do work 3 days a week as a Dental Hygienist. When my internet business gets up and running I will retire from the dental field. I try to do my internet business on my days off when I am home alone to avoid distractions especially since I am still learning.
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  • Profile picture of the author mikeink
    I have a bad allegery to work.
    I only like to play games and so on.

    So I stay at home all day and play(work is only a different form of a game.)

    Making a game out of a job or work is more fun. This does make many managers and supervisors pissed off by doing it. You still need to be serious about it and know what is expected of you.

    Well let me see. OH yea need to start work on my ???????? again.
    Been working for slave wages to long.

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  • I work from home but i call my "room" my "office" since i conduct business in here. hehehehe if you know what i mean.
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  • Profile picture of the author Baadier Sydow
    I stick it out at home and most of my out of home work is client maintenance and acquisition.

    It suits me perfectly but I struggle to switch off from work sometimes as there are no real boundaries.
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  • G'day I work from home also, it is good too, nice to actually get to see the kids head off to school and be here when they get home.

    Nice change from working at 6.00 am till 6.00 pm
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    Just kidding. I work in an office. I don't have to, but I prefer to. It gives me a dedicated time to shut off all distractions and focus on the task at hand. It also gives me a one-up on home based agents: I get walk-in clients.

    Like Baadier said, it also allows me to turn work off. At some point I'm at home, concentrating on having fun and gaming and just straight up chillaxin'.
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  • Profile picture of the author bob ross
    Home and at my office. I'm also answering support emails while driving and chatting with my members as well. I'm a serious workaholic, no doubt about that.
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  • Profile picture of the author celente
    Originally Posted by manicmethods View Post

    Just wandered. I personally work from home, just because then I'm always home. I do have a dedicated room though just to keep work locked away in a room
    Cool ideas there.

    I actually do have a room like this, and call my dedicated room, my "brain room". LOL.

    No one is allowed to go in there, try to keep it in good karma land, and get alot of good ideas there.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jeff Casmer

    I advise if your 1st starting out to avoid a place that can distract you. For example having an office with a TV. You would be surprised how much you get done when there is no TV on..LOL

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer
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  • Profile picture of the author Brains Gone Wild
    20% office. 30% home. 50% 2nd office (Starbucks)
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  • Profile picture of the author Silas Hart
    I don't believe in the productivity of someone with a home office. I've worked with several people over the years where as I gave them the benefit of the doubt and stuck deals with them in their home office or even their living room. In the end, it's never turned out well.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sarevok
    I work from my home office.

    Sweet setup, big monitors, tv, power PC.

    Why leave home? I have everything I need.

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