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A couple of questions I really don't know the answer to. I have built a site, and need to know exactly the best way to use my keywords in the meta tag. For example, my site is using a long-tail keyword such as "the best italian garlic bread". Would I be better off using the phrase in my keyword tags, or separate words like best, italian, garlic, bread, etc.

The reason I am wondering is that I am using 3 or 4 long-tail keywords on my homepage, which only allows 200 characters in my meta tags. It seems that if I could use the words separately, I could have more options for keywords on my home page. Does this make sense?

Also, when placing articles on your own site. Is it best to place them all in a category titled "articles", or is it best to place links to your articles on the page that it is related to? My site is about home based business, and I have many pages related to certain products. Should I put the links to the articles that are optimized for the "home based business" type keywords on that page of my site, or just lump them all together in an articles section?

Hope all of this makes sense! Thanks for any help or opinions.

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    My personal opinions:

    If you're targeting long-tail keywords, then put those in your meta just the way you are targeting them.

    Putting links on focused pages is better. If Google find a link for "italian brean" on a page with a lot of content about italian bread, that link will do better than a "fix your car" link on the same page. However, it would not hurt to have a main articles page in addition to doing this.
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      Tess, if you're using long tailed keywords then THAT is what you want to
      put in your meta tags. It makes absolutely no sense to break them up
      especially with words like "best". Best could refer to anything and have
      nothing to do with your page whatsoever.
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