Spying on the Competition?

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Hi Folks,

What are the main aspects of a competitors website that can be checked and how to check them,

ie. PR, backlinks etc,

Thanks all in advance
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    1. Find out where your competitor’s traffic is coming from with Alexa.com

    it uncovers literally hundreds of different traffic sources.
    Not only can you see your competitor’s traffic stats but you can also see their top traffic sources by looking at the Clickstream.

    2. See what your competitor is Split-Testing.

    Next up is a site called the Wayback Machine.
    This free tool reveals YEARS of split-testing data.
    You can find this tool at Internet Archive.
    Basically, this website allows you to see what
    your competitors websites look like over time.

    3. Get on Their List.
    I would strongly encourage you to become a
    subscriber of ALL of your competitors.
    Plus, you can get an even deeper view of their business
    by purchasing their products. That way, you’re able to
    see their backend funnel and see exactly how they market
    to their buyers specifically.
    Study ALL of their different marketing funnels:
    * The Prospect Follow-Up Sequence
    * The Buyer Follow-Up Sequence
    * Testimonial Acquisition
    * Affiliate Follow-Up Sequence & Training
    And of course – you can often times get more innovative
    ideas by studying the different marketing funnels of
    people OUTSIDE of your market.
    Within any one particular industry, different strategies
    tend to start repeating themselves. But… if you study
    OTHER industries – you can often find new innovations to
    bring to your own market.
    FriendsFinder.net domain name up for grabs. Enquire within.
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    That is a fantastic reply zxboss, I am going to be sure to try those tools when I'm researching my competitors!
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    I also use SEO spyglass...really good tool to spy on your competitors
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    I use Majestic to check what links they have. If you want to check a site's PR you can just download SEOquake which is a Firefox plugin.
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    I use Market Samurai
    Personal Blog
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    All that stuff is mediocre.

    ahrefs is the be all end all, you can pull out 100,000 backlinks, something none of these other tools can come close to doing. Also you can see see charts of backlink velocity. I use it on my own sites for link building to see how many are sticking/indexing
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