Article marketing - how efficient is it today?

by mickyl
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Do you still use this method nowadays? is it efficient as it used to be, when you want to generate traffic?
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      Originally Posted by HenrySEO89 View Post

      Its no where near as effective as it used to be.
      This isn't right at all, Henry.

      Article marketing is actually far more effective now than it has been at any previous point, ever since I've been online.

      You're thinking of "article directory marketing", rather than "article marketing", aren't you?

      Every time Google breathes over its algorithms, article directory marketing takes yet another nosedive, and article marketing is the beneficiary. Pandas, Penguins, Porcupines: all another nail in the coffin lid for article directory marketing and another shot in the arm for article marketing And there are reasons for that, too ...

      For anyone interested, this is how a simple, basic model of article marketing works:

      And this is how article directories work:
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    People assume article marketing means put your article in a article directory and prey people read it. That method was never a great strategy. People who did get traffic were getting on the front page of Google. Use the search feature above and look up "article syndication." Pay close attention to info from Alexa Smith and MYOB. They have given a course in this without charging you if you do the research. They both make full time livings doing article marketing correctly.
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    Article marketing doesn't work at all. Ignore those of us behind the curtain using it while you guys keep staring at Google trying to figure out their algorithm.
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    I think it is still useful for anchor text. In addition, I link my social sites to main article. Works out nice.

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    Thank you all for your replies. I'm actually an administrator on an article submission website in my small country (I do it as a freelancer, of course the website isn't mine).Anyway, I used to think that this method is dead, but during the last few weeks I've seen more and more articles submitted, so I started asking myself what happens here.
    Makes me wonder about the differences between Google Israel and Google international, though.
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    can use them for backlinking and such, but

    I explained in this post, how google updates have now poisened article directories and you should be syndicating your articles.

    Tis about working smarter now with articles. And syndication is the new BUM MARKETING (even though the strategy has been round for years)
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      Originally Posted by celente View Post

      syndication is the new BUM MARKETING
      Correction: as with other contrivances, BUM MARKETING was a short-lived contortion of the centuries-old and very powerful use of article syndication as a marketing technique. This was actually a new misconception, which was responsible for the malignment of the term "article marketing" being limited only to SEO and backlinks. :rolleyes:
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        Originally Posted by myob View Post

        Correction: as with other contrivances, BUM MARKETING was a short-lived contortion of the centuries-old and very powerful use of article syndication as a marketing technique. This was actually a new misconception, which was responsible for the malignment of the term "article marketing" being limited only to SEO and backlinks. :rolleyes:
        yes, the thing was article syndication has been around for a while. But no one was really doing it properly or understands it.

        Even now, when we you see good posters given their tips, I can see some of the people reading and scratching their heads...going "syndication....WHAT THE!??" lol
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    In my opinion, this is still one of the best ways to build backlinks for any webpage. This is still something I do and get great results from it. It is the article directories themselves that were mainly hit with the google updates. And of course the people who relied on article directories for sending them direct traffic.
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    I think articles are still great. People will always want to read great content. Once you've got traffic to your webs, conversion's just so easy! And yeah I agree it's one of the great ways to build back links
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  • I use article marketing as one of my main area's of SEO, I find it still works and it still works well for ranking my client.
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    It still is a good method to bring in backlinks, visitors, and the possibility of generating leads for your business. However I prefer a more direct approach for getting leads and clients, say cold calling.

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    It's efficient when you do it well...

    Do you ever watch the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Chelsea Lately etc? Each single episode of these shows features a guest promoting something - usually a book or a new movie. For example, Jon Stewart interviews guests for what seems like five minutes at most - a brutally short time to promote something - but that's still ok really. Do you want to know why that's still ok?'s what this is all about:

    It's about connecting with viewers so that by the end of the interview they'll be thinking, 'Hey, this guy seems like a nice fella who understands what he is talking about. Maybe I should check out his new movie.' Viewers will obviously remember this when they go to the cinema on Saturday. Here is something else: viewers already find the host the guest just has to make sure some of the host's chemistry rubs off on him.

    Article marketing is like that. The only difference is that the reader decides to checkout your website after reading your informative/entertaining article on somebody else's website - whether it's a blog or article directory. By the way, if you are not attracting any traffic from article directories, it's probably because THERE'S NOTHING TO RESPOND TO.

    The point of article marketing is to promote yourself as an expert in whatever niche you are in. Every article that you put out there for distribution must be one that readers will find valuable enough to click through to the source. PROVIDE A VALUABLE TEASE.

    Highland Bliss is when preparation meets good fortune and then magic happens.

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    Submitting your articles to directories no lobger works..

    Adding articles to your website works..

    This is my opinion.. I haven't done any article marketing since before the panda update so I could very well be wrong..
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    That's next blog post will be appropriately entitled:

    "Its Not The Platform, Its Your Content..."
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    I don't think I'd make any sale without the articles...if I'm honest.

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    Even if your typical article directories and such aren't what they used to be, there's always doc sharing sites and content syndication options. The actual articles you'd submit to the usual sites and directories have a lot more uses and to me, those uses are a lot better in some ways.

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    I still use article marketing, and i still get good results. Now admittedly, i have scaled up my article marketing efforts, and promote them in different outlets online. I think you should still do it if you're on the fence about it.

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    People out there are still looking for articles, but articles that are answering questions.
    Remember that most Google searches are asking what, when, where, why, and how.

    I have to say though that Google is putting far too much weight in favour of YouTube results, so video articles are raking in much better search engine results than they probably should.
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    Article marketing (or any promotional method for that matter) is only as effective as your efforts are to proactively track and measure analytical data.

    Instead of asking here, why not test it for yourself?

    Facts are better than opinions.

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  • The trick is to focus on quality articles, while your competition is using spinner and junk content. This way you get 10 times the results they get from EACH of your articles.

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    Quality articles, those longer than 550 words that are unique and fresh will work the best.

    Article directories still work but the key there is make sure you are using quality article directories, categorizing your articles correctly and they are relevant.
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