Need 5-10 volunteers to Beta Test new traffic software. Must Qualify.

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Hey Warriors,

I have been creating a product for the last few months and it
is now ready for testing. It is a tell a friend script with a bunch
of features and a unique hook. The cheapest it will be selling
for is $77.

What I need are 5-10 volunteers that have some time to help
me test this thing to make sure there are no errors for the
final product. For helping me test out the product, you will be
given full access to the software and any updates that I do
to it in the future. If you want to help launch it I'll be giving
you a giant commission %.

You may also get a significant boost in traffic as a side effect.

Qualifications are:

1. Since this is a tell a friend script, you need to have traffic
coming to your website. This script will increase the traffic
you are getting, but won't create traffic out of nothing.

2. The best place to put these things seems to be right after
an opt-in, or right after the confirmation link is clicked on,
so you should be getting at least 20 or so subscribers/day
to test this with any real results.

3. If you have another way to try it out I'm open to all ideas.

4. If you have ideas on how to improve the software, they
are welcome: look, feel, features, anything.

Please post or send me a PM with your name, website, and
how much traffic you get on average.

I really appreciate anyone willing to help me out on this.

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  • Profile picture of the author David Michael
    Does it have as many email and social networks as the open inviter script?
    Traffic Automation Solutions
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    • Profile picture of the author Tyson Faulkner
      Yup it has an import feature so you can import emails from
      any email account or social network. I think there's a total
      of 82 different programs it works with.
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      • Profile picture of the author Tyson Faulkner
        Need a few more Beta testers. All you need is a website that
        gets fairly consistent traffic.
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