Free or cheap auto responder or similar system?

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No more replies please, these warriors nailed it for me...

I've asked this before a few months back, but have lost the info now, sorry. Can someone suggest a method that has very low to zero cost that I can use to build contact lists for a children's charity (hence zero cost requirement, there's no budget to pay for an conventional autoresponder, yet)
The lists could grow to 1-300,000 plus, so I need to have a system that could grow seamlessly.
I also don't want to get caught with 100,000 names but be paying for that many and not be ready to make income to pay for it, too too costly. I could make little groups in my email system but they're only 500 names and don't grow well or transfer to standard autoresponder systems. Any clever or thoughtful suggestions?
Thanks BR88
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