Where on Earth Do I Begin?

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Hey Warriors,

I've been doing website design and running a Minecraft server for a year or two to earn some low income. I've finally decided I want to go full time on the internet and start making money somewhere.

I am still a student, so I've got no need to worry if I don't make very much money at the start, but I want to be somewhere by the end of the year. I am willing to give whatever it takes to get into online marketing, sales and affiliates.

I've seen people talk about social media marketing, email lists, CPA Lead, Clickbank and Amazon. I'm not sure what I should do to get started on one of these platforms so I can start making a few dollars.

I also want to know how much money I can realistically make if I put 8 hours per day into this and how long it took you to get started.

I really appreciate your help and would love to hear from a few experts who would love to lend me a hand and get started.

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