Ubiguity FireFox Add-On Saves Research Time

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Check this FireFox extension out..

You can select a word, phrase or block of text on a page, open a command window and you have access to several research sites including Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, Amazon and more.

I've been playing with it today and it rocks!

It saved me loads of time researching content for one of my favourite niche markets.

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    Thanks for the tip John. There is also a nice add-on that lets you access your blog instantly and make new posts all why still browsing the page you're currently on. Its great for doing research and adding to your blog at the same time. Its called ScribeFire.
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      Hi John,

      Thanks - I'm a firefox addon nut and I currently use the dictionary search addon which you program to search any site you want with the words you highlight (via right click). But I will take a peek because the sites you mentioned are the ones I currently use with it anyway...

      Have you tried 'speed dial' addon? I use it for quick access to sites I use for research - it's a bit like a seperate favourites/bookmark function with quick 2 click access (including 1 click for opening the new tab)...


      Roger Davis

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        Awesome tool - I just spent the last 10 minutes testing it out!
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          John and Roger,
          Thank you both for the tools!

          Have a Great Day!
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            Ubiquity is interesting.. although I'm slightly annoyed. Something I must have done in the window caused it to launch an error, which is now a small window hovering on the top left hand side of my Firefox browser and won't go away I think I'll have to restart Firefox...
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              Cool plugin -- thanks John!

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                Hi Michael,

                Glad you like it. If you get into 'speed dial', it's worth learning a few tricks -

                a) once you fill it up, add new rows/columns

                b) keep one 'block' spare for 'come back to this site later and check it out'

                c) name each 'block' via the edit function (right click on the speed dial button on the toolbar and select the bottom 'edit' option) but keep the names short - I have 9 sites per page and 17 tabs (17x9 sites) and if the names are too big on the tabs it bursts out of the page and there is no scroll bar - so you can't access the right hand side ones

                d) when you add a new 'tab', close the edit box, open it again and it allows you to change the name of it



                Other addons -

                colorzilla (find hex value of colour on any page)

                download status bar

                fire ftp (ftp client in browser)

                fish eye tabs (helps with tab selection and also puts the x button on right hand side, rather than one on each tab - really useful)

                rankchecker (download directly from seobook rather than mozilla)

                All work on new firefox 3.0.1

                Roger Davis

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