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by cipha
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I have read that using fiverr for backlinking is a bad idea and usually do not last long, but that is usually the gigs with high backlinks like 500 or so. I am wondering if I was to order a bookmarking service with say like 20 to 50 do you think that would have ma negative impact on my site? Has anyone tried the lower backlink services with any success on fiverr post penguin?
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    IMO buying any kind of backlinks is a waste of money.

    This is what Google is trying to do away with, and the reason for the recent updates is an attempt to sort the real/organic from the fake/manufactured.

    I would view any link building scheme as a shot to your own foot.
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      Backlinks still work, there is no doubt about it. Fiverr is always questionable because you don't know what kind of "footprints" the Fiverr gigs will leave behind. The accounts that the social bookmarks are made from, may have already been flagged by Google as "spam" accounts, so its always a risk buying something for $5.

      Having said that, if I found a seller that I trusted, and had them create a unique account for me, then it would probably be a good deal.
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    Be extremely careful: Fiverr is full of fake click and fake/poor quality share and backlinks porividing amateurs and scammers.

    You'll end up hurting your SEO easily...

    My advice: build links and use ethical SM bookmarking, as a step-by-step natural process.
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    I think you must be careful with buying linkbuilding services on the web, especially at Fiverr, although there are legitimate gigs in there. Just double check on the reports or output they present to you to see if the links are all live and existent. Also, check the reviews and feedbacks the providers are getting to carefully assess what will work best for your website.

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    I feel its a risk to buy something important such as backlinks (especially when the bad ones can cost you your reputation) from a forum like fiver.I mean no serious SEO person would do such a job for such low rates.If you know what backlinks(good backlinks) look like you would know if you are getting a quality service or not.So i believe its a total risk,its better to get an expert do you job for not-so-much-money and you can find one of them on freelance networks like Odesk and freelancer.
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    It's better to train a VA or outsource worker to do what you want, spammy fiverr links will only damage your business. You have to view links as an investment in your business and take your time picking the best you can afford just like you would if you were buying something as a gift for a loved one.
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