How to deal with bad site reviews?

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Something i have often wondered is how businesses/individuals deal with bad reviews of their newly opened website, and why i chose "newly opened" is because once the site is established it is generally the case that there is a mix of both good and bad out there (hopefully 100x more good).

So what happens if an individual or business launches their website, with ideal domain name, trademarked word, SEO etc. etc. and suddenly there pops up a number of bad reviews across multiple internet forums such as yahoo answers, warrior forum, blogs etc.

Maybe the reviews were from someone who hates the guys who run the site, (which is most likely for that to happen at once) but how does the new business retaliate:

Create accounts on all those forums and reply in defense.

Ask the forum owners e.g. warrior forum, yahoo etc. to delete the content.

Create fake positive reviews on blogs or forums.

Give up.

What can be really done in that case. I know it's unrealistic, but it only takes one moron to do it to you if he wishes provided he knows the business.
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    Live with it . . . or improve your site.

    Who's going to take notice of poor reviews or comments if your site is the dog's bollocks?
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    Agreed. I used to worry about negative reviews. Now I look at them as constructive feedback and try to address their concerns. My mother always said you can't please everyone but you should try your best to please most : )
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    Simply take them in as constructive criticism and improve your site. You might even want to go as far as thanking the person for pointing it out to you.

    Like Horny Devil said, keep improving your site. When you fix everything that they said was bad, the traffic that they are sending your site will only benefit you in the long run. Think of it as free traffic.

    JaVaun T
    "Grammar: The difference between knowing your sh*t, and knowing you're sh*t." -A Wise Man
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    You need to "SEO" that keyword on other sites, with additional information about your product, to push the negative listings down the page.

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    Yup, I've seen great products get bad reviews, some people are just jaded, but most of the time if your site is compelling enough people will want to try it for themselves despite the bad press.... if there some good reviews to balance it.
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      Whatever the bad reviews are, it's usually best to approach it in a logical manner. What are they complaining about? And why?

      I've seen thousands of poor websites but rarely see people go to the lengths of setting out to give a bad review; unless it's really atrocious or they have a grudge to bear.

      Just keep focused on ensuring you have a professional looking website with excellent quality information relating to your niche or service. After all, this is your window to the world.

      I wouldn't worry about trying to defend the alleged bad reviews, or attempting to fake positive reviews (as you say). Instead, concentrate on what matters, which is that the website people view is far superior to the one that some have envisaged as poor or bad, whatever their reason.
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    Don't forget, some of those bad reviews could be your competitors...heh
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    I would take the time to respond to the bad reviews, but do not retaliate or take a defensive tone. Instead be kind and helpful to the complaints and explain how you would like to help them have a better experience with your product or site.

    If you respond to bad reviews in a mean and defensive way, people that find the reviews of your site may think you are unprofessional or have something to hide. If you show a desire to help the person who complained and make them satisfied, people that come across the reviews will see that you have good customer service skills which is a plus.

    Also, create positive content about your company to publish on the web that can rank above the negative stuff. I've done the above with positive results.
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    Boost customer service, offer only quality products, and dont sell anything for the sake of a buck.
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    Don't publish crappy sites.
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    Respond to reviews, even bad ones. It shows you listen to your fans and care about what they say. Also, it shows you are willing to fix any situation to make them happy. Respond, don't ignore them!
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