Important KPIs for Internet Marketers

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I know first hand just how overwhelming it can be when you're just starting out online. There's a bunch of buzzwords and talk of important stuff to keep tabs on.

Overtime through trial and error, I've figured out what numbers matter most. I'd like to share these KPIs or key performance indicators with you all in hopes that someone find it helpful.

Your KPIs will obviously differ depending on your business and goals, be here is a general yardstick to use when monitoring how your business is operating.

Basic Funnel:

Unique Visitors (Traffic)
Leads (Email List)
Customers (Sales)

Measure by Campaign & Partner

Are you promoting your product via Facebook? Email List? Or Webinar?

How many visitors and customers are your affiliates/JV partners sending you?

Additional Key Performance Indicators to Keep In Mind:

Number of Unique Visitors
Number of Leads
Number of Customers
Visitor to Lead Ratio
Lead to Customer Ratio
Visitor to Customer Yield

Yield = visitors/customers

It's very important to have some type of analytics software in place to capture all this data. The more you know your numbers, the easier it is to adjust and scale your business.

Hope this helps!
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    Great list!
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    You'd probably get more pull if you posted this in the "articles" section of this forum.
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    Yes, numbers are so important. All online marketers should be using tracking and analytics of some kind for all traffic they send. It's kinda like throwing money into the wind if not
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    Great tip to take note. Thanks!
    "Chance favors the prepared mind." --- Louis Pasteur

    Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.
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    I would say that target your audience, having number of visitors is not important, you need to get targeted visitors, customers, clients for better result.
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