Anyone struggle to get traffic from Yahoo?

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Hi Warriors,

Never have any problems ranking and getting traffic from Google and MSN but I don't get any traffic from Yahoo (based on Cpanel anyway) - ever!

Is there are knack to getting traffic from Yahoo? Can anybody share the secret?


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    Yahoo is tough one to crack.

    Mostly I get traffic from yahoo answers.

    Other methods:
    PPC on their site
    Yahoo classifieds (Don't know much about this)

    Previously Yahoo used to display Google results on their site. But this was changed recently few months back.

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    Very interesting. So maybe it's not just me that's struggling.


    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I gave up on Yahoo answers. I got banned too.

    Think that the secret is not to include any links in your first few posts. In other posts make sure that you link to other third party sites and not just your own. Also make sure that you include detailed responses - several paragraphs.

    This is just what I have learnt from others - haven't tested myself. Don't plan to go back to Yahoo Answers - to me Yahoo's attitude sucks - i.e. expecting people to create great content for THEM to monetize with nothing in return. No thanks!



    Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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    I had the same problem of not any ranking in yahoo, until I was told how to do it. Now I grt alot of traffice from yahoo. Add your sites to yahoo site explorer and rss feeds to my yahoo page.
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    Its hard for new websites (less than 1 year) to get traffic from them...i am getting a little bit from yahoo..

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    I know that free traffic from any source is good but I preferred to concentrate on google and msn anyway. They will send you more traffic than yahoo ever could.

    Just My Thoughts
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    I have a new site (4-5 months old) and am ranked either #3 or #4 in Yahoo - with 350 million competing pages (broad match). And I used basic SEO tactics... for Google. So obviously I can't share any "Yahoo secrets". It's the usual process of getting backlinks. It shows it can be done though.

    Yet, even though it's supposed to be a pretty high traffic kw, I'm only getting from 0 to 5 visitors per day from Yahoo...

    As for MSN, I'm not anywhere, nor have I ever been.

    As for Google, I was top 10 last two weeks, and now I'm like #90. Is this normal? Has the site been slapped? How can I tell?
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      Jay, same has been happening to me in Google. Top 10 one day and nowhere the next. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. Website is only 4 weeks old though.
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