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I am looking for some last ditch help as I'm simply getting desperate.

Having been left with a mountain of debt and two very young children to look after by my ex - I work full time and have been trying to make extra cash to clear the debt some IM in the evenings (when the children are in bed)

I would like to know if there are any genuine people out there that would be willing to help me try and turn my situation around before xmas as I my children have been fantastic and deserve better. I've been duped a few times by people promising that they could help me make $$$$ per day - and delivering nothing at all. I have always followed through on my side as I'm not afraid to put the work in if it means being able to provide for my children. I'm not a free loader looking for handouts just looking for a proven method that somebody would take me through without it getting saturated for them.

I literally have no spare cash as it is getting thrown at the debt myself and the children got left with - I do have a domain and some hosting and iI'm very computer literate - I simply do not have the time to keep wasting on false promises and methods that simply do not work once I've put the hard work in.

Once again - apologies if any once takes offence to this post but I am getting very very desparate!!

Thanks for reading :-)
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    Please feel free to email me via my site, I'll be more than happy to help you get going
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    IM is pretty much trial and error, if you don't have the time to do it and money to invest (even though IM doesn't require that much investment) than IM it's just not the right business for you. Ignore the get rich quick money schemes and try something more viable.
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      Thanks - I understand that it's trial and error - it's just that I seem to be failing constantly and I have made small amounts just not found anything durable. I'm looking for a proven method that can help me make $xx per day - that somebody can take me through without missing the integral pointers out

      $2k per month (skype: jozvaldo)

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        I feel for you, I really do, but I don't think there is a proven method that will do what you want. If there was everyone would be doing it. I think to be successful at Internet Marketing you have to build up a set of skills that you can then use to build a business. The trouble is that we're led to believe that we can build the business first without the skills.

        - You say you're computer literate and have a domain but have you built a list of potential buyers via a web page or blog?

        - Do you love internet marketing? I don't think you can summon enough passion and energy to do it properly unless you do.

        If not there is a good blog called passivepanda (sorry I don't have enough posts to be able to link to it), but it goes into different kinds of ways to increase your income.

        If you can honestly say that you do love internet marketing then you need to take a longer view of it than Christmas. Internet marketing requires a lot of set-up time before it bears significant fruit and as others have said you do have to spend some money before you can make it. You may have to accept your debt for now and maybe even reduce the amount you are clearing in order to build your business.

        When I realised how much time it was going to take me to get properly established I actually spent a whole year doing further study in my day job so that I would have some discretionary income to build my business and so I wouldn't be gripped by the fear that I had to do it all really fast before the money ran out.

        Good luck and I hope you have a lovely Christmas somehow.
        Where to Start with Internet Marketing?

        Relax :-) I think you'll find this refreshing
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    I think it's important to avoid most 'golden goose' schemes that suggest you can
    "make $xxxx in x days guaranteed if you buy my product." - Or things remotely similar.

    If you are getting desperate, IM may not be the fastest avenue for the solution of your problems. From my past experience (and multiple failures), you'll either need

    a) time, and a tried-and-tested plan to work on a business
    b) or, funds to outsource your business operations (more capital, less time)
    c) or, a reputable mentor to guide you through the process for the quickest results

    I'm sure someone here will gladly help you.

    Best of luck,
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    I do not know if any of these answers where what you wanted to hear. It is true that there is no way to make a success if nobody want's to help. I have tried many, many ways and all of them just did not do what the people promised. 1. You must have money. 2. You must have/make the time. 3. And you must get help from other marketers. 4. Do some searching before you sign up for any business. 5. Skype is a wonderful tool to get help too! 6. Message me if you want my help.
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    what about offering some writing services, even for other warriors here? you don't need to be a computer expert to do it, and you can ask for specific directions in order to make your articles seo friendly. That's how I started on the IM world, I saved some money, and started my own business.
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    This is the best thread to read

    There are no income guarantees that are legitimate so any product that promises an income guarantee, walk away from or click away from. Building an online business successfully takes longer than a month, so I wouldn't be looking for quick cash.

    Some of the quicker methods of making money online is to offer a service in Warriors for Hire. If you have a skill that is in demand you can make quick cash.
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