Please help! List Building in Competitive Niches???

by AChuah
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Hi guys,

I wanted to just ask -

If you were to build a website (primarily for list building) in a market that was "saturated", (i.e. weight loss, dating, make money etc) without focus upon SEO,

but instead on solo ads, ad swaps and alternate forms of traffic to gain leads-
Is it necessary to pick a niche that is not too competitive?

Wouldn't you just be able to target the broad market of all people who need to lose weight? Or would traffic generation still be difficult/expensive?

In other words,
Is the term "competition/saturation" related to SEO targeted websites only?


Please read post 8# for clarification
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    The concept of saturated markets is a myth for strategic thinkers. It just comes down to testing traffic sources, knowing your conversion rates, improving them with continual testing, knowing your visitor value / lifetime customer value, and planning your advertising budget accordingly. Don't worry about competition - it's a good thing!
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    Just because you are not fighting for positions in the search engines, this does NOT mean you have no competition when it comes to email marketing. You will be competing for the attention of your prospects when they sign into their email accounts. You better make sure they place more significance on your emails, and less on the other dozen or so emails that arrive into their inbox from YOUR competition.
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    Does that mean I could pick a broad market, like weight loss (without a niche topic)
    and bypass "competition" - using solo ads send traffic directly to a squeeze page?

    Or should there still be a niche (i.e. weight loss for middle aged men) involved with list building?

    (Thanks for the responses btw)
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    If there is a lot of competition then it means there is a lot of money to be made to. You can look at the others in your niche as competition or as potential JV partners to help build you list, the more of them there are the bigger your potential list will be. You can have a general list but it is always best to seperate buyers from freebie seekers and big spenders from cheapskates.

    Good luck

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    In competitive niches (health, wealth, relationships) SEO competition will be quite high. But if you crank out enough good content with blogging and gain social media backlinks, you can still pick up long tail keywords.

    On the flip side, the more competition there is in a niche, the more people there will be with lists already built for you to tap in to with your own product.
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    I'm not really sure im getting a clear answer here...
    Let me clarify my question:

    1) I'm pretty fed up with SEO, recent updates, panda, penquin, long-term unpredictable traffic generation etc.
    So it's off the board. (SERP generated traffic)

    2) When choosing a market to build a list in,
    using solo ads, ad swaps, etc (virtually entirely back-end email marketing) to generate traffic and make conversions,

    Is it still more difficult/more expensive/more costly to target such a broad market?
    Or is it wiser to focus on a niche?
    (given that most traffic will be paid traffic)
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    Firstly, competition is a good thing

    If i wanted to get into a new niche i would not even bother with SEO i would just hammer paid traffic to build my list and sell my products

    As long as there are plenty of people already buying products in your niche and there is competition then you are good to go

    Forget SEO, focus on paid traffic if you want to make progress a lot faster

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