Anyone else have a problem with Hostgator yesterday?

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One of my sites on my hosting account started displaying some weird social sharing toolbar at the bottom of the browser window.

The toolbar was by Attracta, and I could not work out where the hell it was coming from. I had installed no new plugins (its a Wordpress site), but I had changed the template a little, so I instantly thought I had somehow triggered this.

I spent a good hour or more checking through my FTP folder to see if my theme editor had uploaded some new gimmick, checked that another plugin hadn't started causing it for some reason, and ended up totally stumped.

So I Googled it up, and discovered that this is some new SEO feature of Hostgator packages which is SUPPOSED to be optional, and needs to be switch on for it to work. For some reason it had automatically switched on for me, and it took a support ticket to stop it working, as simply disabling it in my cPanel didn't work.

So you might want to check your sites if you are using Hostgator, from what I can tell from search results its been a pretty widespread problem.
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  • That's strange. We are all clear on this end. Thanks for the tip though, will look into it and report back if I see anything with a sample of our Hostgator sites. Cheers!

    Mark Stone
    Samurai Marketing Club (SMC)

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    I couldn't open any of my email accounts hosted by hostgator for a good 3 hours - but other than that, nothing to report.

    Thanks for the heads up.
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