List of Non-Transferable PLR Content Providers

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The terms of PLR licenses can vary greatly from one provider to another. But, despite all the different terms that a PLR license could have, I think the most important term of a license, from a user's perspective, is whether PLR can be transferred.

In other words, can a buyer of the PLR content sell or pass on the content to others, as PLR content.

Non Transferable PLR Content
I think that it's a good thing if PLR cannot be transferred because this limits the amount of people who are using the same PLR as you, to those who have bought it directly from the original source (the creator of the PLR content).

Some users of PLR content aren't concerned about how many other people are using the same PLR content as you. There logic is often as follows, "If I rewrite the content, then it doesn't matter how many other people have the same PLR content as me."

Non transferable PLR content is sometimes also referred to as Personal PLR content

Limited Quantity PLR Content
I still think the less people that use the same PLR content as you, the better. For this reason, the only type of PLR content that's even better than non transferable PLR content, is non transferable PLR content where the quantity sold is limited.

When you buy limited quantity PLR content, then you know exactly how many other people have access to the same PLR content as you. If you know that only a few people are using the same PLR content as you, then there's less of a need to rewrite the content.

Limited Quantity PLR Content is sometimes also referred to as Premium PLR content, Limited Supply PLR content and Limited Edition PLR content

Transferable PLR content
Transferable PLR content is the type of PLR content that I'd try to avoid using. If the license allows PLR to be transferred, there would end up being multiple sellers of the PLR content.

So what's the big deal if there's multiple sellers? Well, the more sellers selling the same PLR content, the more buyers. More buyers mean more people using the same PLR content as you.

On a side note, the more sellers selling the same PLR content, the more likely they'll compete on price. It's for this reason that you can find those mega PLR content packages being sold for a few dollars like "Buy 10 000 PLR articles for $5"

These mega packs often contain content from multiple sources, which means quality can vary greatly.

When someone sees 10 000 PLR articles being sold for $5 and then another website selling a pack of 5 PLR articles for $5, they think the 5 PLR articles for $5 is a rip off. But, it's actually 2 different types of PLR content.

Most sellers of non transferable PLR content will normally sell their content at $1-$2 per page of PLR content.

So, why would you pay $1-$2 per page? Well, firstly you're buying directly from the source (so there is some guarantee you're buying genuine PLR content). Secondly, you know what quality to expect (assuming samples are given or you've bought from the provider before). Thirdly, you can only get that PLR content from that specific provider (a bit of exclusivity). Finally, $1-2 per page is still a fraction of a ghost written article.

If PLR content was sold at less than $1 per page, I'd be suspicious of the PLR content. The last thing you want is low quality or fake PLR content.

Genuine PLR content?
There's another issue when it comes to buying transferable PLR content. What if you are buying from a reseller instead of the original source (i.e. the creator of the PLR content).

If you're buying from a reseller, can you be certain that you're buying genuine PLR content? How do you know that the content is not stolen content?

At least if you buy from an established PLR content provider, you know where to raise your concerns and it's easier to know what quality to expect.

A PLR content provider who's creates their own content is more likely to ensure a stable quality level, because they want repeat business.

Furthermore, they're less likely to sell stolen content as PLR content. If they did, their reputation would be ruined and they're unlikely to get repeat business.

So, from a user of PLR content's perspective, it's way better to use non transferable PLR content instead of transferable PLR content.

Content Providers

Below is a list of non transferable PLR content providers, as well as Providers that sells limited quantity content as well.

Limited Quantity PLR Content Providers

Non Transferable PLR Content Providers

If you know of any other PLR content providers that sell non transferable PLR content, please post it below. Thanks
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