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Hi All,

i would like to know a general qns about facebook... more specifically on liking a comment attached to a post.

I would like to know if by liking the comment, would it be shown on my friend's newsfeed that i liked the comment?

Also, if i unliked something (a comment specifically)seconds after i liked it, would it still show in my friend's newsfeeds?

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    It seems to be pretty random to be honest. The Facebook algo shows stuff to your friends that it finds 'top news'. (To which I've no idea how it works it out lol)

    I'm sure you see memes everywhere because friends like them!

    So that part is pretty random... But if you want to hide all the dirty pictures you're liking Then go to your activity log on your profile, click ALL from the top right drop down and you can hide stuff from there.

    In regards to un-liking, I'm not sure.. But theoretically it shouldn't show.
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    Yes it will show if you dont change your profile wall settings just for you not for public.

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    Online research & affiliate learner

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    You can set a lot of that stuff in your account settings / privacy settings.
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