Best eBook Or Course On How To Use CPAs For Marketing Info Products?

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Been studying a lot of stuff on using AdWords and CPAs.

I'd like to use CPAs to build my list.

Anybody know of the best info products out there on using CPAs to build your list?

I've read some of Perry Marshall's stuff and it's pretty general. I'm looking for something more specialized.
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    If you've got access to the paid War Room Forum, my article entitled Affiliate Program CPA Arbitrage explains the concepts of how I made over 77,000 sales, but here's the main point:

    CPA (or "Cost per acquisition" or "Cost per sale") is 100% dependent on the promoters/affiliates being able to make more (or as much) money promoting your product than all other competing products they could promote, so you've got 1 of 2 scenarios:

    1) You've got an amazingly high performing sales letter/sales process with an very high payout, and you're making tons of sales through CPA, or:

    2) You only have a so-so offer/payout (at best), and your results will be meager.

    It's all about your conversion rate combined with your ability to pay the highest CPA/commission. To be able to pay the highest CPA/comission on the initial sale (front-end), you need a high-converting back-end upsell as well.

    With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, you can get list/website owners to promote you strongly. But if you're offer isn't cream of the crop, it's tough sledding regardless of anything else you do.

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