Cheapskate Way to Make a Quick Membership Site

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1) Create a wordpress blog and download the Register Plus plugin and the Post Levels plugin.

2) Create your sales page, and then create your download/members area.

3) When you've created your members area, use the post level plugin, and set it to '0'. This will protect the page from being seen by non-members.

4) Think of an 'invitation code' for your sign up page and adjust the settings for the Register Plus plugin to require this 'invitation code' up signup.

5) Create a PDF with the instructions on how to signup for your WP blog as a member, and include the 'invitation code'. Your WP blog's registration page is usually http://www.[wherever the blogs installed to]/wp-login.php?action=register

6) Create your normal order link/button and download page with a link for people to download this PDF so they can signup. Bada boom, bada bam! You just created a member's only website for cheap, because the plugins are free.

And if you want to add all of your new subscribers to an Aweber mailing list (if you use them), there's a plugin for it called the 'Aweber Wordpress Plugin' that will add every new registered user to your aweber list of choice. That way, you could bribe them with a free report or something just for confirming their email. Helps build a nice list of buyers, too.
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    The idea is that you really restrict your wordpress site to registered users. With the Post Levels plugin, you can block content from the unregistered people's eye.

    With the Register Plus plugin, you can use an invite code that you can slap in a PDF or something, and sell the PDF.

    Nowadays, you gotta be resourceful. So yeah, it can work with paypal, as long as you have a landing page where people can download the PDF with the invite code after they pay.
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