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Hello All;
I've used wp for many sites. Comfortable with it, can alter the css if I need to; not an expert, but kind of know my way around it. I'm using widgets in sidebar -added a text widget with addy for graphic (in my library - not hot linked to outside site). Also moved 'recent comments' to inactive. Done similar hundreds of times. This is very basic stuff. Click on "view site" and it shows up the way I want it. OK. Log out , go to site, and ... no changes. Cleared cache, used different browser and changed computers. No change. Any ideas? Is it possible something with host? Thanks in advance.
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    U can using 1 host for u need, just remember, every cookies is client based so its hard to do what u want it..
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    WordPress is a database driven website.
    As such the only real way to be 100% that your data has been saves is to interrogate the database and see what is stored there. Many servers offer MyPHP Admin. If your provides this application then you will be able to route through the database and check that your changes are there.

    If your changes have been saved, then it is possible that this server has a server side cache too. Pressing Ctrl-F5 will not clear this cache. The only option will be to wait the the cache to clear. This usually happens within an hour, so if you have been waiting longer than that then an email to your web host providers may be in order.
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    Some Hostgator servers have been down for "5 mins" today. Although from what i can tell from my sites it was down for a few hours and is still ropey
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    I saw something similar on my site recently and it was a caching plugin causing the problem.

    However, I removed the plugin and deleted the cache directory and it still didn't work.

    After much hair pulling and head banging I suddenly thought to check the .htaccess file and in there were a couple of lines from the caching plugin that was (excuse my language) royally screwing up my site.

    I deleted the lines and the site worked as it should have done.

    So ... disable any caching plugins but also check your .htaccess file (remember to back it up first BEFORE you start messing with it as you can break your site completely).

    Good luck!

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    @Jason Johns
    Bingo! Deactivated 'super wordpress caching' (installed when I upgraded WP on Hostgator). First I time I've run into this. Gonna check the other sites. Thanks guys.
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