What can you do with overused, old PLR articles...READ

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I know this may sound dumb, but some newbies would never DREAM of this...

(of course the experienced have probably already caught on)

But I see so many newbies out there who use the same PLR articles on websites, article directories, etc. Yeah, you all look like a bunch of copycats who do!

You can take those same tired articles, and breath NEW life into them. I wish I could do it now, but thanks to the people in my house, it's next to impossible

Here's the deal:

* grab a mic, even a cheap one
* download a WAV editor (Audacity is a free one, but I used to use real studio software)
* once you have a mic and a wav editor...DICTATE THE ARTICLES!
* save these articles as mp3s, and then use them on your site, or for audio courses/articles, etc.
* take it one step further and create powerpoint presentations for them to turn them into a video course or video articles. (you could use Open Office for this, if you're a cheapskate)
* bundle them together, sell them on a website, a WSO, use them as bonuses for other people's product launches, whatever.

Like I said, I wish I could do this again, but I got two screamin' ass kids who don't give me a moment's peace (even when my wife is home)
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    Great tips, really just flipping content, but oddly see few people doing it. Tons of gold mines like this out there.

    I didn't have much luck with Audacity. Although it's a great program it has two much hum when I try to record and i get no hum with Camtasia or Goldwave, strange.
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