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Would you pay a small monthly fee to get access to all gigs in one place? No more searching all over the place.

No way
I might (if there were other perks - please let me know what they are)

*Forgot to add that I'm having a debate with a friend about this. Personally I would because it would save time and make it much easier to find what I'm looking for.
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      Originally Posted by Joseph Robinson View Post

      Nope, I prefer one on one relationship building to searching gig/job sites these days.
      Even if the search engine included results that were posted on a company's site?
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          Originally Posted by Joseph Robinson View Post

          Ears perked up a bit. What kind of businesses are we talking about though, and how does your hypothetical site set itself apart from Writer's Market? Also, how do you qualify writers because real companies aren't going to be happy with being advertised to Outsourcer 2384972353?
          I'm talking about any type of local business that needed to hire out help for a particular project (not just writing). This wouldn't be the same as writers market nor would there be a need to qualify writers. This would be like a search engine for freelancers to find jobs. If the job is public then it would get found by the se.
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            I'd have to say No to that one for the simple reason that if all types of work were being offered, I'd be paying out money for things I simply didn't need.

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              Well since I only work for one client it's like that for me at the moment. It does make life much easier when new jobs just land in your inbox everyday.
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    No i wouldn't. A newbie might though. Not too many gigs on my list that i need.
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    That depends on many factors, Saying Yes or No wouldn't fair without estimating what we will get out of it exactly.
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    If the gigs are updated and there are other gigs like article spinners or productivity software or coaching thrown in.

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    Maybe, it depends on the quality of the gigs that being offered for the pay service.
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  • Never, unless it is something really worth of that. I mean a revolutionary feature, a key piece of knowledge. There are so many free tools and websites that it is a matter of time to find them.
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    With a little imagination, and by using publicly available free tools, you can have hundreds of job opportunities delivered to your inbox every day. I am not talking about jobs from freelancing sites, I am talking about companies looking for freelancers. It's not hard to do, so why pay for it?
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