Why is it so hard to make money online?

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Ive been robbed on alibaba when trying to get some stuff to sell on ebay.
Ebay banned me after 1 post!
I made a sale on overstock, the day I got kicked out of my house.
I find 2 killer niche but I don't know how to seo for anything.
Found a way to get backlinks off ehow, the day my account was banned.
My ip address has been banned off of 20 social bookmarking sites.
Can't get anything going on craiglist, even with yahoo affiliate links

Somebody please tell me how to make some dough!
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    Why do you get banned everywhere?


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    You'll start making some dough when you stop getting banned from the places where the dough can be made. =)
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    Or when I can find time to get an ip changer...
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    sounds to me like you are doing something suspicious or wrong. perhaps you can enlighten us a little more?
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    No problem, not sure why ebay banned me, maybe its cuz I registered with a friends phone (i didn't have any phone).
    The social marker sites banned me because they wanted stories and I just promoted sites.
    Ehow banned me because i'm not a nice person; plus I was keword stacking for my articles. ( i learned my lesson I promise)

    So basically just being a newb.
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      rebel, does not like to conform.

      I fight with this daily too. But there are rules that must be followed. Sounds like you know what you did wrong, just stop doing it.

      Change your internet service for an ip fix

      Don't get kicked out of paypal, figure out a service you can provide, make an irresistable offer and get to work. You should have some dough within 48 hours.

      Don't depend on affiliate marketing to get you some quick dough, you generally have to wait 30 days to be paid

      Good luck
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    well, you are obviously pursuing a goal here. no need to be so aggressive in your articles.

    try hubpages.com for articles. they are great. try not to be banned.
    with ebay, they can ban, however they always let you know why. i dont think that registering from phone gets you banned.

    every social network has its own TOS, do not abuse their service, or they will ban you.

    good luck
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    For me it is not hard earning money online because if you really know how to market yourself. If you really know then I guess it is just easy for you to make money online.

    Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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    I would think that if I were ever banned from a site or affiliate program that it would be a "wake up call', especially if I were new at this. You seem to consider being banned a fact of life, so we're looking at this from a different perspective.

    The answer to your posted question is easy, It's very hard to make money online when you keep getting banned! Not only do you lose your source of revenue, you also continue to lose credibility.

    This is not a Black Hat forum, and I sure hope that it never becomes one. The folks you'll meet in here are not interested in discussing the latest way to scam CraigsList or to cheat Google. So if you're after information about how to continue to use Black Hat techniques on how to beat the system this isn't the place you'll find them. If you are interested in learning Internet Marketing from an ethical perspective then this is a great forum to interact with.

    Also, I highly doubt that eBay would penalize you for not owning a phone! Given what you've told us about your past history I'm sure theres more to that story.

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    My story might help you a little here.

    Like you (I'm assuming a lot!) I tried to do things my own way. I had very limited success. Although I was not banned from anywhere, at times I did have posts deleted by moderators.

    I found things changed markedly when I relented and started to copy some of the things that the acknowledged gurus do. If a guy is making $75K a month, then copying some of what he does is more likely to get me closer to my goals.

    I also found that I had to be very clear about my goals.

    Lastly, I dealt with the root causes for my sense of desperation that was driving me to actions that were not helpful. In particular I faced my financial demons head on - no, I didn't pay off my debts, I didn't have the money - but I did come to proper agreements with my creditors. This new sense of control and reduced stress gave me the space I needed to focus on my business.

    Good luck to you!


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  • Sounds like you're a bit of blackhat guy... I mean, I've never been banned from the bookmarking sites and all I do is promote promote promote...

    I'd say, try to create a more *honest* business model. Find something simple, but effective and do it over and over again.

    -And learn SEO (and you'll never have to worry about traffic generation again!)

    Clickbank #1 Bestseller
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    It's not hard to make money online - it's actually quite easy.

    Now I know you may think otherwise, but actually getting paid when someone clicks on an ad on your site is one of the easiest ways to make money that there is in my opinion.

    Yes - you need to create a great website; yes - you need to work out what you are doing; yes - you need traffic; but it is easy.

    Many people will simply quit before they get to the stage where they realise just how easy it can be to have an entirely passive income from their web activity. Perhaps they don't want to put the effort in, but for those that do, making money on the internet is indeed easy.

    Is This The World's Easiest Way to Make Money?

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