Aweber is killing me - I need to move AR's

by Bill_Z
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Anyone else having horrific open rates with Aweber in last few weeks? My open rates are down over 50% on multiple lists, and I've heard this from others too. I need to move, and considering self-hosted solutions.

And before anyone says, it's not my subject lines. I know what my open rates are normally, even with bad subject lines. But this is beyond subject lines, there are serious issues with delivery.

The one big thing that is worrying me is the crap ton of Aweber forms I have out there right now. I know some people that moved recently to Constant Contact and still use Aweber to collect leads and import those fresh leads every day or every two days into their new accounts on CC, but what a hassle.

Not sure what to do here. Have heard some good things about ActiveCampaign to self-host and using a separate service to mail like Anyone else having issues and/or thinking about moving?
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    My open rates are good with aweber, never been that good in fact...
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      Have you noticed a corresponding decrease in your sales?

      Open-rates can be a very fickle metric and only gives a
      small part of the story.

      I mainly use ActiveCampaign with my own server and also
      external servers like, AmazonSES and SendGrid.

      This gives me great flexibility in which e-mail server I use
      to send my e-mails. Using a self-hosted autoresponder
      essentially decouples your list database from your SMTP
      e-mail server.

      (With AWeber, your e-mail database is managed by them
      and they decide which e-mail server is used to send your

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Many here know i do a ton of testing regarding email deliverability and such.

    I am seeing some weird stuff with aweber recently.

    1. on average the open rates are down by a statistically significant margin over the last couple months with aweber. However, I also use CC and I am also seeing lower open rates with them over the same time period. Although not to the degree of aweber.

    2. I do a lot of work with a major hosting provider that specializes in SEO hosting and that gives me access to some pretty unique data. About 4 months ago we began to see indications that sites using aweber javascript code to display forms were being marked by google. To be clear, the ranking didn't change significantly, (like 1 or 2 spots), but the aweber code seems to be something google is now at least tracking. Presumable because of how prevalent the use of aweber is among IM'ers who are often times the enemy of google. The open rate percentage drops started to show up not longer after we noticed this, so maybe its a gmail thing? I dont have enough data to give a full answer, but there is something up here.

    3. For me personally, I am on a ridiculous amount of lists. like over 500 or so at this point. All filtered out very well. With virtually no increase in me signing up for IM offers, the amount of IM related email i am getting has increased 60% in the last 6 months. I am sure some of it is the normal bs of selling and trading data, but I have never seen such a pronounced spike. Me thinks some database (maybe aweber) may have been compromised. I have nothing really to base that statement on other than a weird spike i have only seen 2 other times in my 17 years or so and both were related to major companies being compromised (aweber once). I have asked and tried to find info, and i cant find a thing. Although some cisco email numbers do show a statistically significant rise in aweber sent email over the last few months as well. Did they have a significant rise in customers, spammers,....? just thinking outloud.

    4. the aweber servers have been changing more. if you follow the cisco numbers of how much email is sent and via what servers, the historical data has changed. They don't publish it, but i have it since i record and track this stuff. Aweber seems to be changing the methods they use for determining what servers send what email and when. I have access to 6 aweber accounts and 1 of those is a very aggressive account that is more "spammy". That account always has lower numbers and such, but it has been hit much hard percentage wise by whatever is going on. So maybe they are trying an algorithm thing for prefered or clean accounts to use cleaner mail servers? That is something I am watching and trying to test for.

    thats just a few of my thoughts and what i know.

    BTW, self hosted is tough too. My guess is Shaun is about as good a guy around here to talk to about that stuff. I have run them and still do, but it aint childs play to do it right.
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    Interesting info David, thanks for your input. One of my lists that historically gets between 2000-2500 opens per broadcast just got around 800 opens. Before that, 1200. It's making me crazy. Will have to continue researching to see what would be the best move.
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    Aweber is the best one out there...most of the IMers using it..I don't know what went wrong with you,,
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    Something tells me this may be due to rumors of some sort of "big brother" crackdown by the FTC or even the new consumer watchdog bureau created by our wonderful president.

    Kinda like how Google gave all of us "clickbankers" the boot from adwords in late 2009 after the new FTC rules about testimonials/results to generally expect came out..anyone else thinking along these lines?

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    Can anyone provide a list of sites similar to aweber and are legitimate to work with. BTW, are there any which cost less than aweber?

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      Originally Posted by venkateshk View Post

      Can anyone provide a list of sites similar to aweber and are legitimate to work with. BTW, are there any which cost less than aweber?

      You can try GetResponse which cost $15 per month but they are throwing 15% discount on monthly plan so it will only cost $12.95 (valid till 2nd November 2012) and you can also try MailChimp which is FREE!

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