Should I allow comments or not on my blog

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I am currently using the WP Videotube plugin by Neil Harvey on my blog which automatically pulls videos from You Tube at a determined interval. There is an option in this plugin to allow comments, but I am unsure whether to allow them or not. Will it hurt me if i do not allow them or should i allow them to give any visitors i receive more interactivity with my blog.
I hope this makes sense.


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    Yes you can allow comments from other people in order to generate different IP address and generate traffic.

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      If you have any concerns about comments, just moderate them. You will have to approve any comments that are left, also require anyone posting a comment to leave an email or have them sign up to post.


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        Yes, I would allow comments. There are things you can do to cut down on spam as mentioned above.

        I also use the SpamKarma plugin and have been very happy with has lots of settings so you can adjust how "strict" it is.
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    Allow comments and moderate them. Why? To encourage discussion/feedback and of course traffic.
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      Yes, allow comments and moderate them but expect to be busy as you will attract a lot of spammers that even take the time to sign up.
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        I use Wordpress and install the Aksimet plugin to help weed out spam comments from the genuine ones..

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    I would allow them. They are very useful technique if you want to know something more about your visitors and what they actually want + it wont take you so much time to remove the spam

    Good luck
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    Yes, I agree Moderate but always allow comments. Most people will come back.

    All about the traffic! ;-)

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    for sure allow comments on your blog, the more information you can gather the beter
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    traffic will generate also fromt eh comments if there are specific keywords in the comments. not that you tell them what keywords to use, but just in general by chance they use a keyword. it will defeintely help with interactivity, people like to be able to comment and then have more info thrown at them.
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    I think the best way is to require moderation on first time posts, then automatically allow them after that if they're OK (otherwise just block them). This allows your good repeat commenters to see their posts quickly and encourages them to contribute more.
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    I agree with Edd. I think allowing comments is the way to go, but be prepared to work a little. Spammers are sure to circle and moderating correctly can take a lot of effort!

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      Thanks for all the replies, your advice is much appreciated. I have now set my blog up to allow comments after i have reviewed and accepted or rejected them.
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        i would allow comments and just use akismet to filter the spam

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    If it weren't for others allowing comments, we'd all have far fewer opportunities to back link!
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