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Hi Warriors

I have actually been a member for a while but haven't actually been on the site very much. I am a mum who desperately wants to earn money from home. I would like to achieve that via internet marketing, but I don't know where to start and I really need some advice. There are so many scams out there which is what really turned me off before I was scammed nurmerous times so I quit.

I find myself here because it seems to be talk about positively on the net and I am hoping to find someone that would be willing to point me towards a product that will help get the knowledge that I need to get started. My aim to earn $100 a day so I can give up my day job and obviously I will be striving for more as I learn more.

It would just be really great If I could find out from others that are making the money online how they started and what helped them.

Thanks so much.
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    It is a difficult question for anybody here to answer if they have their own products - and many people who know what they are talking about actually do.

    So, I'll tell you that the War Room is well worth the small investment required to get in there. That is a good place to start. Essentially, you can get hold of a lot of free stuff in there and from that, decide who you would like to work with.

    Good luck,

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  • Yeah, most likely a lot of people will be promoting their stuff or promoting a concept that relates back to their product or service.

    But think about what your current skill set is? Really think about it and write down on a list of what you're good at.

    Then figure out what you're interested in and whether you'll be engaged in it long enough to stick with it.

    Then do a bit of research in that and see if it's in demand and that there's money in there.

    That's a start. Once we know these things, then we can point you to the right direction.

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    Sign up for The Challenge http://www.challenge.co/?ref=default

    It's a free course that will teach you the absolute basics. Then you will have the info you need to start deciding which direction you want to take.
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    Well I was actually thinking about joining a network marketing company but I soley want to promote online. I have one in mind that I really like, it's just knowing how to sign people up online, hence learning interent marketing. I would do a legit course but they seem to be hard to find in Australia.
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    Isn't the Challenge website accessible in Australia? Sorry, I thought it was accessible from anywhere.
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      Originally Posted by rosetrees View Post

      Isn't the Challenge website accessible in Australia? Sorry, I thought it was accessible from anywhere.
      It should be, the creator of the challenge , Ed Dale is Australian
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    The best piece of advice i can really give you without over complicating things is to

    1. choose 1 "do-able and proven" method
    2. hammer the hell out of it, don`t stop until you are making money with it
    3. scale it up if possible

    if your just focused on creating an income then i did a post a few weeks back on my blog about 13 different ways that you can choose from to create an income online

    i have actually used all of these methods so i know they work

    some are better than others you just have to choose one which you like the sound of the best

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      Here is my best advice in a few steps.

      1. Find a capture page generater
      2. make a simple capture page (just look at warriors pages for ideas)
      3. Find a clickbank product in your niche. Put it on the thank you page.
      4. Get An Autoresponders and create 10 messages to sell the clickbank product.

      5. use every single traffic method you can to get as many people to your site as possible.

      That is it!

      Hope that helps.

      Jeff Mitchell

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    I don't know if you have decided in which way you want to make money on line, there are several ways to do it. So that is what you could consider first,the method.

    For instance the squeeze page/auto-responder/clickbank method or the solo ad way of online marketing. There are many different ways to make some money online and that is what you would first need to settle on, but don't stress out on which method because it would be the first method you learn. You will want to be secure that your income doesn't rely on just one method.

    So it's the way that you want to start at this first that you need to learn and the decide upon and finally do. I have learned from Wealthy Affiliates Travis Sago "Bum Marketing Method" and Sean Donahoe with his innercircle. They are paid services but you will learn a lot, I do not receive any commissions because I use these myself, I am not selling their services.

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  • Find a Mentor... skype them, email them, phone them, just make sure they are real and contactable or reachable. If what they do is interesting to you then just copy them. Only YOU will know whether or not you can trust and work with them. I started making money only after finding an honest Mentor.


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