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You have the ability to share your best marketing tip with us all. Let's hear them all. I will start:

- Don't give up. Persistence is extremely important. If you persist at what you are doing, you will eventually get what you want. The stronger you are and the more you can persist in your marketing efforts, SEO efforts, etc the higher ahead of your competition you will be.
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    Well I think you hit it on the head with persistence!

    Something that goes along with it is


    It all starts with the commitment to succeed. And whether you are new
    or an expert it still takes Discipline to get the job done!

    Highest Regards,
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    Persistence coupled with a tangible, proven system for attaining the results you desire...

    I could persist all day with something that was useless and I would be no better off by the end of it...

    You need to be persistent with a plan of action that works



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Market comes first and then the product!
    Research your target audience and their spending habits first.
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    I say learn to marketing by offering value and be yourself. Do not try to fit into some mold that your not comfortable. Promote you and what ever product or service you sell they will follow.
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    Focus on one thing at a time.

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    Test, Optimize, Repeat
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    Provide value to others

    Take action, don't do just dream.
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    Don't be afraid to let projects sit and try something new if you are stuck and income is not rising. Keep experimenting and learning until you find methods that get you immediate large results in terms of income.
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    I've found that it's better and more cost-effective to focus on niche marketing rather than general marketing.
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    Keep learning. Keep improving. Keep tweaking. Both your marketing efforts and yourself.
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      Persistence, dedication, focus and keep asking questions. Yes you will have failures and you can always learn from them. Once you have a product or affiliate link that converts scale it up and consider trying several sales pages. Some product sell better with lots of details others convert better wil lack of detail ...
      Just keep trying different angles and methods. After a while you will create you own "swiss army knife" of marketing tools.
      A good way to start off with sales copy is to write with enthusiasm as if you were telling a friend about a great product you just discovered.
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    When you are promoting your product and writing your sales page...


    What does this mean?

    It means write your site and make it so YOU would want to buy it, YOU would be enticed and love the looks of it, YOU would want to actually take action on your offer. If you can write and make your sites with this mindset, it will BOOST your sales.

    Sell yourself first and you can sell others.
    Create and Differentiate. Illuminate Your Buyers Need or Wants. Grow Rich.
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    Discipline, Strong Mentality, No Doubt Of What You've Been Doing, Focus

    I strongly recommend for those newbies who are always give up on internet business. Fyi, internet business is same as conventional business where u need to start from zero to become hero.

    Good luck!


    If you want to learn on how to do Internet marketing the effective ways, go read my blog (Click here). It is free and practical information anyway.

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    I would say provide value to your customers. If you do not create a bond kind of relationship between you and everyone else, then no one will want to buy your stuff.

    You've got to give in order to receive!!!
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    And a strong determination to never, ever, give up.

    -Mike D.
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    Well many marketers will disagree with this but for me I have to be passionate about what I'm marketing (in my case my own product)... Passion first... then get your plan organized and begin.
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    Remember to take out the trash. Sometimes people can be at the computer for so long, they forget to take care of their offline chores. Don't let that happen to you.
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    Hard work, believe in yourself that you can do it. Putting a good amount of effort can help boost your business. The effort encloses time and an effort to become honest as much as possible. Sometimes we put a little effort to become honest, thus we are working hard the wrong way. It is always best to put an effort on becoming a real person on a virtual world.
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      Teaching others how to fish instead of feeding them fishes

      This is what I used with my affiliates to show them how to do it.

      Most affiliates tend to rely on you to feed them. This way, it will not benefit you or them so show them how they can do it themselves and everyone wins!

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    This best tips for internet marketing is STAY FOCUS

    Do not underestimate this 2 words, it is very important. I will open up a notepad and write down the things I need to accomplish to keep myself focus.
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    think outside the box!
    if you are going to do exactly what others do, you will not succeed.
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    Know when to outsource or get more training. Don't just plunge ahead blindly!

    Joanna Benz
    Hosting Report Card

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