How Do I Hire 5 Bloggers?

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I have about 40 blogs I'd like to have other people start writing for instead of just me. Sports, gardening, home improvement, parenting, Christian topics, pretty much all over the place in topics.

What kind of deals do you offer people to write blog posts for you and where do you find them?

It really doesn't help me to pay In/Phil/Chi to attempt to write in English as it kinda defeats the purpose if I have to go into each post and edit sentences just to make sure they're obviously written by an English-speaking person. So, all the "me write 100 blog post for u for $5" is not an option...nor is it realistic because all of those offers are just copied content anyway.

So, there's craigslist I guess, maybe find an college kids majoring in English. And, of course there are the pro ghost writers that would want, like, $80/post.

What options have you used and what have you offered for payment for ghost blog posts? Thanks in advance.

I'm thinking for someone that really loves to write and wants good experience with something relevant to add to a resume, it would be worth $2 per post. That would be $10/hour.

Is this too low? Or am I too high? I keep seeing on fiverr offers for 50 "original content" they say posts for $5. Is that even possible?
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    There are several great sources to hire freelance writers. My biggest suggestion is to NOT purchase the gigs from Fiverr for more than 2 articles per gig. Those gigs provide articles they've copied or they spin and never make much sense.

    Building a great blog that gets a lot of traffic takes time and effort. Blog posts that you purchase for $2 per post will not be of top quality or will not be unique.

    I suggest you reduce the number of blogs you are starting to work on and put your hard work and effort into one or two, where you can build a community around effectively.

    I have purchased dozens of articles online from great writers. Here are just a few sources to find great freelance writers.
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    $2 a post is going to get you $2 worth of content. Assuming you want the standard 500+ words per post, I'd say you aren't going to get much in the way of useful writing at that rate.

    The first thing I'd recommend is to figure out how many posts a day you want, and come up with a decent compensation plan for that number of posts, depending on the quality of post that you want. If you are looking for decent quality that is moderately researched and accurate, I'd be surprised if you could find someone that would charge less than $.02 a word. For a writer that truly researches their topic or is an expert in the field, plan on paying closer to $.10 a word.

    Just from my personal point of view, on the topics I'm already knowledgeable about I usually charge around $.05 per word. On topics that require a great deal of research before I write about them, I've gone up to $.12 per word. Then again, with a situation where it's a guaranteed stream of income, I'd say most writers would be willing to adjust their rates a little bit due to the stability of the situation.

    Your idea of finding college students is a good one. I wouldn't limit myself to English majors though. Look for people that are majoring in subjects that relate to the topic of your blog. Those are the ones that will be passionate about showing off their knowledge.

    I'd stay away from Fiverr, at least the ones that offer quantity over quality. 50 articles for $5 are going to be useless without doing some serious rewriting. You may try throwing an ad up in the classifieds here on the Warrior Forums, or sending a DM to members that you know are writers. Also, check out the classifieds for people that are looking for writing work.

    edited to add: another place to find quality content is, but you'll be paying around $10 an article there for usage rights, and much higher for full rights.
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      Well, I do have "those few more important blogs" that I spend usually half a day to produce content on my own. So I'm well familiar with producing quality posts.

      These blog are a little different. They're very "casual" blogs. The people writing the content would already be knowledgeable about the topics.

      For example, we have the World Series in baseball starting next week. I'd want someone to make a 200-400 word comment on each game and suggest what the other team needs to do better in the next game.

      I would think plenty of people are already writing about that topic on their own blogs and they aren't seeing a penny. So, $10 for 5 posts doesn't sound like much, but it would add up. And, when it's a topic you love that you don't have to research, and have free liberty to say anything you want, I would think that would be attractive to someone if I could package it right.

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    Originally Posted by lerxtjr View Post

    I'm thinking for someone that really loves to write and wants good experience with something relevant to add to a resume, it would be worth $2 per post. That would be $10/hour.
    You say you don't want to use non-native writers, but you are only willing to pay non-native writer rates. And where did you come up with the idea that a person can write 5 quality blog posts in an hour? You are out of your mind.
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    $2 for a 400 word post from a native english speaker? and you think he/she can do 5 of those per hour? good luck. totally unrealistic. it's probably more like 1 to 1.5 quality posts of 400 words per hour. and the pay will probably still need to work out to $10 per hour. So $~7 per post.
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    Just another thought. If the sites are already pulling in proven revenue, you could possibly do a revenue sharing deal with a writer. Assuming the generated revenue was decent enough on an established site, you may get some takers that way.
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    Do this man, go on Craiglist or just advertise saying that you need people to write for your blog for FREE then after give them some money for their work and put adsense on it.

    This is ME, this is WHO I AM...

    "Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart." - Psalm 37:4

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    If I were you, I would chuck the job on Freelancer, you'll get some good hits.
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    Once and for all, from a content writing firm's standpoint, don't expect (never!) a 400-word quality content for $2.00. You'll get what you're paying for, I tell you that. Plus, even if you're going to double that rate, don't expect someone to product 5 posts in an hour. Oh yes, there will be very rare times a writer may be able to do that but don't expect consistency because writer's block may hit that writer along the way.

    Is this too low?
    If there's only a superlative next to 'lowest,' that's how I'll describe your offered rate.

    I keep seeing on fiverr offers for 50 "original content" they say posts for $5. Is that even possible?
    Perhaps, you and I were born in the evening but definitely not last night. Ask this to that Fiverr writer: "Who are you kidding, huh?"

    On the other hand, here are the steps you need to do to find writers from the Warriors For Hire section.
    1. Visit Warriors For Hire.
    2. Scroll down to the very bottom. Find the 'Display Options' area.
    3. On the "PREFIX" dropdown list, select "CONTENT."
    4. Click the "SHOW THREADS" button. That's it. All the providers of content writing services will appear, for which we're one of them.

    I hope this helps.
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    I used to go for "cheap" content and today I finally realize it's not worth it. I've done an experiment:

    1) I have 11 blogs with mediocre content.. Outsourced: Mainly iwriter, textbrokers, (9 unique articles per day, 400 to 500 words. - low quality content)

    2) On the other hand, I have 1 blog that perform better than the 11 'mediocre' blogs combined (in terms of traffic, conversion, bounce rate). Outsourced: Do it myself (spend 4 - 7 hours on a blog post), hire someone for $27 per 500 words articles. (2 unique articles per day, 500 - 700 words - high quality content).

    After experienced several major G's update. I'll have to say quality certainly beats quantity. If you forget everything I said it's okay, just remember this: QUALITY beats QUANTITY.

    Good luck,

    P.S. Instead 40 blogs. I suggest you focus on not more than 3 blogs at once.
    P.S.S. You're totally wrong when you say Indians or Filipinos can't write.
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    A real professional writer, by definition, makes their lviing (and supports their family) writing. If they live in a native English speaking country, ask yourself how much money they have to make in order to accomplish that.

    It's more than $2, or even $20, for a high quality, well researched, and engaging 500 word post.
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    After all, you're probably following a few hundred people already that aren't doing squat for you.....
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    I pay $5 per 250 words blog to a Ezine Expert Author. I have over 30 blog type of sites so I make him write around 10 blogs per day for me. I have hired people of $2 in the past and they are totally worthless.
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    If it's quality, you are seeking then I must say you should wake up. Lowest price can never bring quality contents as it only will make you understand that some words have been written so far but not for to be published. Intellectuality is something else you cannot compromise with it.
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      Thanks everyone. I've read it all and we'll see what happens next.

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    I outsource alot of our business.

    I have paid $2 before for writer, and got jibberish that was written by someone who could pass as my 5 year old son.

    I have paid $100 and up for an article, but got well researched high quality stuff.

    Pretty simple which way you should go.
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    As a professional writer and spinner I can guarantee you that you will get what you pay for. I have people send me articles to spin all the time that was written but someone who paid $2 (or less) for the article and it is a mess. I have to edit it before I can even work with it!

    I do offer original article writing as well and I charge $3 per 100 words. Its not as high as I could but a middle ground for Warriors I am comfortable with. I would be happy to work with you on your logs. I have excellence feedback here on the WF and on oDesk.

    Just let me know,
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    ummm you contact me lol id love to do it this is a great place to find people wanting to do it as well
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      $2 will get you regurgitated content or just plain crap, that is third world wages. You might be lucky to find someone just starting out and desperate for a few dollars, but even if you do, don't expect anyone to stay. As soon as a higher paying job comes along, your work is toast.

      If the writer is not very familiar with the subject, a lot of research is required and extra time is needed to write topics your readers will find engaging and keep them on your blog.

      Try the Warriors for Hire section and possibly find some people who can help where you can mutually agree on terms. If you use Textbroker and find someone you like, you can request their services via direct order. However, individuals set their own price per word for direct orders.

      Please don't ask for sample work if you are not going to pay an agreed-upon price. Many busy writers have sample work you can see posted on their own blogs and do not do free sample work.
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