I want to sell my product online and need advise pls!

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Hi guys,

I am about to start selling my new software online. And I am not sure how properly configure it to make people use it. For instance, I added a protection system for anti piracy that needs people to register to get the Licence Key, but I am not sure whether this would make people go away and not test it(cause it has a trial time).

Furthermore, the purchasing process requires registering, paying via paypal, once payment is done they receive the transaction ID and invoice ID in their email and in order to get the working licence they must open a confirmation page on the product's website and introduce both data. The last process would be sending the licence key along with the instruction on how to use it to activate the software.

I want to promote this software via WSO so before posting the thread what advice you guys would give in order to have success.

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    I've seen software that makes you jump through hops to get it working. But, because it was useful people actually jumped through hops and got it to work for them.

    So, whatever process you have going to combat piracy ...don't worry. If your software really helps people, and it does what you claim in your promotions, people will do what you ask of them to get it going.

    Make sure your product is worth the amount of money you're charging, and give out clear and easy to understand instructions. That's all...

    Have a great day.
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